loicremy1When Loic Remy moved from Nice to Marseille the deal was initially brought to a halt when during the medical it was discovered the player has a heart defect.

However, after further tests the player was passed fit to continue playing football and subsequently completed his move.

When assessing the player for insurance purposes it is alleged there could be issues to be ironed out relating to insurance.

The heart problem is rumoured to be a factor in putting off clubs such as Arsenal and Spurs who have been linked with Remy in recent times.

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Newcastle have of course gone down the route of taking calculated gambles on players who were either injured when we bought them or who had ongoing injury worries.

Demba Ba’s much talked about ‘knee problem’ has proved to be certainly no barrier to his success on the pitch at Newcastle.

Hatem Ben Arfa eventually made a full recovery after United completed his permanent transfer, while the player was still recovering from his shocking double injury of a broken tibia and fibula.

On the other hand the signings of Dan Gosling and Sylvain Marveaux have brought little or no return for Newcastle’s investment.

Mike Ashley looks to have come out on top so far with this calculated risk taking on certain signings, will Loic Remy prove to be another Ba/Ben Arfa?

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  • Jezza

    Yes more damaged goods available on the cheap. Another typical Ashley signing. No disrespect to Remy but I just can’t see how signing him and selling Ba is going to improve our team at all. We should be signing a striker to play alongside Ba not to replace him.

    • anyobrien

      Ba wants to go so what can we do?

      • Jezza

        Do what’s best for NUFC not Ashley’s bank account and pay him the going rate for a prolific Premiership striker instead of doing everything on the cheap.

        • anyobrien

          100 grand a week don’t think even Arsenal will pay that

        • shearer9

          you idiot cant you see ba is recking the team sell him wack cisse back in the number 9 roll and watch the goals fly in

          • Jezza

            There is no need to stoop to personal abuse just because somebody has a different opinion to you. It’s ironic that you call me an idiot but it is you who has such a poor grasp of spelling and punctuation. As for Ba “recking [sic] the team”, where do his 11 Premiership goals this season come into that analysis? If it wasn’t for Ba’s goals this season we’d be in the bottom three by now.
            One more thing, as far as I’m aware, Edinburgh University don’t give first class honours degrees to idiots.

          • Level2

            You might have ‘first class honours degrees’ but does that automatically make you an expert on football? So we should just be held to ransom by every player wanting more money? Even Chelsea with their financial war chest wouldn’t even touch Ba, what does that tell you? In my opinion the club shouldn’t bow to Ba’s wage demands. Yes his goals have been vital this season, but look back at last season when we went on our best run. Its no coincidence that when Ba was playing wide left and Cisse was in the central striker role that we had that unbeaten run. Cisse will come good when he’s utilised properly. Unfortunately Ba, with all his talent only thinks of one person and that’s himself.

          • Jezza

            No, a degree does not make me an expert on football and I never said it did. It just means I’m not an idiot.

            Yes I agree Demba Ba has got a huge attitude problem and is after a big money move, but that is par for the course with top players these days. I just can’t get away from thinking where we’d be this season without Ba’s goals because nobody else is scoring with any degree of regularity for us.

            The thing is that successful clubs find a way of keeping their best players when they start rocking the boat. At Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool etc, when a top player starts agitating for a move their immediate response is “what can we do to keep him?” whereas at Newcastle it seems to be “How much can we get for him?”

            Anyway to step back from the Ba/ Remy issue the initial point I was trying to make was about team strengthening. We desperately need to strengthen in January but if all we’re going to do is replace the players we sell, how is that going to make the squad any stronger come 1st February?

    • Well if Ba does go then we can move Cisse back to his original position where he actually played well and we can have Remy on the LW and Ben Arfa on the RW. Could be a lethal combination

  • toonarch16

    don’t see the issue with buying this guy at all, hes a top player and I think demba does come across as a very selfish player at times, e.g. taking all our set pieces and scoring sweet eff all plus a fair few times he could lay it in for somebody else but tries to go alone, this coupled with his ridiculous wage demands, and refusal to play on the left to make the team play better, make me think hes got quite a thing for being the big star in everything and he just wants stardom, if so may aswell get rid, selfish people are no good for a team, especially one scrappibg as we are, wish pardew would stick to his guns and play him LW