AlanPardew36One of the most difficult questions asked in any footballing board room – “When’s the best time to sack the manager?”.

I would suggest the Reading board are asking the question as we speak but unfortunately the Newcastle board aren’t.

How long do we leave it until the situation is beyond repair, is there any point in waiting until after the January window because that denies the new manager the ability to make his own moves during the transfer window, in an effort to save us from relegation a second time in four years.

I’m looking at Saturday being completely pivotal, if we don’t get all three points then in my opinion we should make the change because the next three games after that are very difficult indeed and the new manager can approach them in such a way any kind of result is a bonus.

The new manager then has the opportunity to tinker with the squad and make the changes he believes will guide us to safety during January and we move on from there.

I’m getting a bit sick of the manager suggesting we’re losing well, good performances are no good unless they bring points to the table. We went down playing rubbish three years ago and going down having played well this year will be no consolation whatsoever, believe me.

Timing is of the essence here, if we win on Saturday we have to give Pardew the opportunity to turn things round, if we don’t win on Saturday I’m all for the kneejerk reaction to kick Pardew into touch.

What do you think?

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  • Who do you want to bring in? I 100% do not want to see Pardew leave this club but a few people seem intent on him going so who would you like to see come in?

    • Mark Roberts

      Martinez, Laudrup, steve Clarke

      • Fair play to you for replying and naming names. However, I am not sure any of them would do better than Pardew. Steve Clarke is new to management (despite being a no.2 to some big names) and has just arrived at West Brom so may not want to leave just yet. The ‘too early to leave’ reasoning would also apply to Laudrup.

        In the case of Martinez, I think he is a manager with talent for sure and could certainly show what he is made of when more money is available to him at a more ambitious club than Wigan. Again, though, I don’t think Martinez would necessarily be an improvement on Pardew. I just think we need to stick with Pardew and get behind him.

        • Mark Roberts

          I’d have more respect for Pardew if he was more honest us with regards to the January Window, his own performance and the teams performance. It would appear the whole team is out of form at the same time and Pardew has to take his portion of the blame for that…those same players finished 5th last year and I think someone else can get the same players to do it again if we choose right.

          • Kev1664

            It’s not the same players though. The first eleven games last year where we were unbeaten had r Taylor, staylor obertan, cabaye, tiote, coloccini, all who have been unavailable for large portions of the season. We can’t get a settled team. We all knew we needed extra players in defence, that didnt happen and we’ve picked up injuries to those players who we feared for. Williamson has probably been to blame for best part of 80% of our goals conceded, but we don’t have anyone else to play there. Which bringing a new manager in will not help one bit. How utterly blind can you be? We’ve probably used more players I the league so far this season than we did in the whole of last season. That alone shows that it’s not the same players available as last year.

  • disqus_832L0x2k7X

    totally disagree with this

    • Mark Roberts

      Hiya…sorry don’t know your name. Which part of this don’t you agree with. Do you think he’s done a good this year with the same playing staff as last year? Do you think the way things are going he deserves more time? At what point in time next year when we’re in the bottom three do we say to ourselves he’ll get us back up into the premiership at the first time of asking. Does a fifth place last year mean we should be more patient this year…love to hear your thoughts on this

      • Things are no where near as bad as you are making them out to be. We’ve been plagued with Injuries, we’ve had europe, this has lead to some bad results but I think your expectations are way too high. How do you know what’s going to happen this year, let alone next year? so much has changed for Pardew so quickly that you can’t expect him to magically adapt and have us doing winning every game. How is sacking Pardew going to help at all??

        • Mark Roberts

          My expectations expressed to all my mates at the beginning of the season were we’d be lucky to finish in the top half this season…so yes you could say my expectations are way too high.

          I have no idea what’s going to happen next year…far more interested in hoping we stay up

          Sick and tired of hearing the ‘plagued with injuries’ and Europa cup excuses…we hardly ever used regular first team players in any but the last Europa cup game and that was because two of them were banned for premiership games…Look at how often Tiote and HBA started last year and you’ll see what I mean…Cabaye played 14 matches before he got injured this year…he was rubbish in all apart from against the Mackems

          What has changed for Pardew????? He’s got the same team as last year except for Anita replacing Guthrie

          Our form has been nothing short of dreadful all season and if you think any different you need to go to specsavers and change those rose tinted glasses.

          I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything you’ve seen this year that gives you any justification that Pardew is a good manager…forget the ‘”he got us to 5th last year”…that’s all history…what has he done this year

  • liam halliday

    Articles like this hardly help with making our club stable… We should be getting behind our club, St James’ has been quiet all season and we know it. Raise the roof and the results will fallow. Umpteen managers in as many years it’s time we learned to stick it out a bit before making anyone walk the plank. I think anyway…

    • Mark Roberts

      let’s see where we are in a couple of months and I’ll ask the same question again. We’re making a habit of losing and we need to break that habit this weekend or I think we’ll be in serious trouble

      • Mark Roberts

        comments on blogs don’t undermine clubs or make them unstable…poor management does that and at the moment that’s the only thing pardew is excelling at

  • The lion’s share of the blame has to lie with Ashley for not providing the funds to strengthen our squad and therefore taking the risk that we wouldn’t get any injuries this season and that no players would ever go out of form.

    • Mark Roberts

      completely disagree…Pardew has exactly the same team as last year except for Anita replacing Guthrie which in my book makes us a better team…so why are we playing so badly???

      all the players out of form at the same time??? sounds like he’s playing a different formation this year that no-one likes

      • same team, except for Best and Lovenkrands.
        Not world beaters, accepted, but at least they’d have been able to step up to the plate a lot better than Ranger or Sammy have done.
        Cisse down the right to keep (the now departed) Ba happy, yes, that’s different, and not beneficial to the team

        • Mark Roberts

          so what’s changed then??? the answer is simple…pardew has been found out to be the vastly over-rated manager he is…his tactics have been poor this year…his set up has been mis-guided and the team has lost it’s confidence…and that’s all down to very poor management

      • Or maybe its the fact our starting 11 from last year is either currently injured or suspended. There goes your “better team this time around” theory. Better an ugly truth, than a beautiful lie.

  • disqus_Pw9hBVWSsb

    ridiculous, sacking Pardew will not help anything, whatsoever!

  • Daveed

    Was he a bad manager last season, when guided us to fifth? If not, when did he become a bad manager? To sack him would be utterly ridiculous, so ridiculous I can see the idiots who run I club actually doing it. Then we’ll be relegated.

    • Mark Roberts

      No he wasn’t bad he was lucky…this year he’s being found out. how far down the league do we have to go before you start thinking we could be in serious trouble

      • anyobrien

        You can not finsh 5th on luck alone.Away wins at Stoke,Mackems,Arsenal,West Brom and chelsea plus home wins against Liverpool,Man utd and so on .you earn them and play well.

  • scotty63

    Utter Tosh – by the way do you write an anti Pardew article every day.

    • Mark Roberts

      only when I hear him spew out the same old excuses like he has been for the last couple of months…he’s irritating the hell out me at the minute and I’m not at all interested in playing well and losing…rather play ugly and win but the defence is so poor at the minute we have to score at least 3 goals a game to have a chance of winning

      • scotty63

        What new excuses do you want – hes been sold down the river by the FCB and lyingarse – thats where you should be venting your spleen – once a cockney barrow boy always a cockney barrow boy – the FCB is the man we need to get rid of.

        • Mark Roberts

          that’s my point…I don’t want excuses I want actions…he’s towing the party line and if he had anything about him he’d challenge the board and get us the players we need..he’s just a puppet and that’s the disappointing thing in my book

          • scotty63

            He’s working within constraints that suit the FCB to maximise his return from the cash cow that is NUFC. A change of manager would have absolutely no bearing on players bought or sold or wages paid. You will have to deal with this method of operating as long as the FCB holds the purse strings

          • Mark Roberts

            agreed…so what we actually need is a better manager

          • scotty63

            Oh i would love Guardiola and Barca style football but the reality is which “top class” manager (and you have named three blokes no better or worse than Pardew) would work for this shower. They hired Kinnear after all. What we need is sensible investment and let the man get on with his job. Not sure of your age but look back through the years at some of the managerial changes made at the club and with the exceptions of SBR and KK (both well funded) we have had some donkeys and Pardew isn’t one of them IMO. Have a great B&W Christmas and keep the faith.

          • Mark Roberts

            50 years young and still as passionate as ever. I agree with lots of what u say but Pardew is struggling for sure…his post match interviews are always about effort and commitment without getting a result…we can’t go on like this. Anyway…you have a great xmas too and the faith is going nowhere!

      • anyobrien

        What like fat sam and i bet you loved him.Howay man first bit of trouble and its sack him.The press have a field day with this kind of rubbish.

  • Kev1664

    Don’t be so silly. Why sack the manager? You’ve been living in shepherd land too long. When has changing the manager ever improved our situation? Last time we did it we got relegated.

    Sacking the manager won’t do anything for the team but push us further toward oblivion. We are 10 points from the top four a run of results will quickly catapult us up the table.

    There was a time like this at Everton four or five years ago, they stuck with David Moyes and look where they are every year challenging near that top four. This was always going to be a tough season with the amount of games we had to deal with, regardless of signing, we plays out of our skins last year, and to be fair at the start of the season I’d happily have taken another top ten finish.

    Now is the time to stick with the manager, this is the time for the board to stay strong and use that faith they had to give him an eight year contract. Things will start to go our way again, and when we get the confidence back after a couple of wins we will shoot up the table.

    The reason so many managers get sacked so early is fickle fans like you who think there is a quick fix for everything in life. There is no quick fix, you don’t get anything without working for it.

    The time taken to get this club to its current state would be wasted if we got a new manager with his own ideas. It would set us back right to the beginning of our journey, are you willing to go back and start again? I’m certainly not I’d rather be halfway on the road of that journey then back at the start.

    Grow a pair and get behind the team man eh!

    • anyobrien

      Spot on mate just mentioned moyes in my reply

  • Sack AP, are you mad? Yes we’re having a shocker so far but there’s not a chance that I would want us to go back to the revolving door policy of recent times. AP has undoubtably to shoulder a proportion of the blame for where we find ourselves but equally so do the players and owner & his cronies. Personally I have absolute faith in Pardew, he is the right man for the job and I am certain that – with the right level of support from the owner which as usual was particularly lacking this summer – he will build on last season’s successes. What would firing the gaffer do, other than cost a mint in severance and create yet more chaos at our (presently relatively stable) club? Madness

    • Mark Roberts

      still defending him???

  • ArfurGlassful

    Paulo de Canio – that’ll shake up the players lounge and get Llambias kicked out while you’re at it :)

    • Mark Roberts

      ha ha ha…that would be funny!

  • ArfurGlassful

    liam halliday • 29 minutes ago
    Articles like this
    hardly help with making our club stable..but then again relegation wont
    either ? Pardews taking us down so if you want stability get your sat
    navs switched on for trips to Portman Road, Oakwell and maybe Prenton
    Park next season. The table doesnt lie.

    As for Kev1664, I’ve got a pair thanks Kev but yours are
    presumably hanging over your glasses so you cant see what’s happening
    !!!! Come back and remind us all of the tripe you’ve written when
    we’re in the Championship next season ! While you’re at it dont forget
    to report back to the gruesome twosome and tell em that you cant fool
    all of the people all of the time !!!

    • Kev1664

      You can’t stand that people like you are in the minority. How many times I the past 20 or so year have we sacked managers? Many! How many times have those changes had a positive influence in the club? 2 Sir bobby robson and pardew taking us to fifth. The other changes have all taken us in the other direction which ultimatly took us into the championship. If you look over the last 20 or so years the manager that performed the best were keegan 1st time round and Robson, it just so happens that those were the two in the hot seat the longest, and it’s no coincidence, it takes around 4-5 years to breed an identity into a team, changing constantly does no good whatsoever. Moyes, wenger, ferguson the three longest serving and managers with the three most consistent teams in the last 5-10 years. It’s hardley rocket science.

      Changing the manager now will set us back 3 years.

      Plus I won’t have to come back and say anything, because come march/April next year when we are sitting around seventh it’ll be fools like you feeling stupid.

      It’s fools like you who are to blame for getting Sir Bobby Robson sacked when we had finished fifth in the league…. Imagine where we could have been as a club right now if we hadn’t have got rid then. I mean seriously imagine!

      Fickle, fickle fans!

      • Mark Roberts

        Hiya Kev

        Can’t argue with you re longevity of managers = more stability and better results…totally agree. the trick like with any appointment of a manager no matter at what level is finding one that can make the team perform better than the sum of the parts. My argument and my opinion is we haven’t got the right man in place who will give us the stability and results over the longer term. I look at his tactics and formation set up and wonder where he’s going with it all…I look at the results and our form and it worries me.

        How long do we wait before it’s too late or would you be happy for him to take us down and stick with him in the vain hope he brings us straight back up again.

        Let me ask you one last question…If we do go down would you still want him as manager or would you then want to change?

        • Kev1664

          I’ve seen enough if pardew to know he is as capable a manager as we’ve had in the past 20 years.

          I don’t think we are in as bad a situation as some people are making out, if we hadn’t had the injuries we wouldn’t be where we are, it’s simple, take the best player out of any team and they’d probably be 5 or so place off where they should be.

          If we (hypothetically) were to go down he probably should be shown the door because he will have failed dramatically.

          But if we were to change the manager it would do more damage to our chances and as said before set us back years from where we currently are as a club.

          Me and many other fans believe this too.

          Let me ask you one more question now, what would you feel like if we were to finish top 7? Would you admit you were wrong and believe pardew could take us to the next level?

          It’s the same question and works both ways it’s all hypothetical.

          Or even worse what would you do if we did change the manager because of fans like yourselves pressure and we went down? Would you still be happy we got rid and tried or would you regret the de-stabilising effect the change had?

          • Mark Roberts

            Hi Kev

            My question to you is far more relevant than your question to me as we’re fifth bottom and the reality of relegation is staring us in the face…but I’ll answer it anyway. No I wouldn’t be asking for Pardew leave if we were 7th in the league and yes I would admit I was wrong…in fact nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have to admit I was wrong because like you I want the team to succeed…but right now we’re doing anything but.

          • Kev1664

            It’s not more relevant at all. We are not even half way through the season yet. We have more games to play than we have played. It wouldn’t even be more relevant if the league finished today because we would have already staved off relegation. You are completely blinkered.

          • Mark Roberts

            I guess we’re both a bit blinkered and we’ll have to agree to disagree. Why don’t we agree to keep this conversation going on a monthly basis til the end of the season…After we play Everton at new year I think we’ll be three points better off than we are today and only one place above the bottom three. If we revisit this conversation at the end of every month til the end of the season we’ll see who’s nearer the truth and who needs to eat humble pie.

          • well, you were right about being 3 points better off, I just hope you’re not right about the rest of it

          • Mark Roberts

            at least we played well against man u and arsenal…then performance levels dropped against everton and and we were shocking today so now very concerned again…my opinion hasn’t changed…we should sack him now and let someone else shape the team in the transfer window before it’s too late

  • anyobrien

    Sacking the manager no matter what happens on saturday would be a huge mistake.We Newcastle United have took this route for years with no good coming from it.Yes we are in A BAD patch and yes its hard look At Moyes at Everton 2004 they finished 17th they stuck with him now he is fav for Man u job..Then there are the mangers metioned we should try.Martenez,Clarke and laudrup. All having the same sort of season Pardew had last year THINK ABOUT IT MAN THINK.Teams in our position last year wanted Pardew.Now its not going so well its time to get rid.The injuries and lack of investment is killing us we need to stick together and get through it.By the way Martenez is always at the bottom so whats the attraction there?

    • Mark Roberts

      Martinez has performed miracles with no budget whatsoever…I know who I’d rather have with three months of the season to go and being in the bottom three…and it wouldn’t be Pardew…he’s already proven at West Ham and Charlton he’s no good at keeping clubs up

      • anyobrien

        You obviously hate the man for what ever reason.As you can see the majority of fans on here think its a bad thing to get rid…Anyway is Martenez not just lucky…You know like we were last year…….?

        • Mark Roberts

          ha ha ha…nice one…enjoyed the banter!

      • Kev1664

        What sort of budget has pardew had like? We’ve managed to make our money that has been reinvested by selling players, and even then we have spent no where near as much as we brought in. We’ve had exactly the same investment as Wigan yet we managed to finish 5th last year and we are still above Wigan this year.

        Laudrup and Clarke are no better tha pardew, and probably worse to be honest. They are having good seasons, no injuries to key players and settled sides, had we have had those things this season I’m certain we would be higher up than both of those teams. I’m starting to wonder if you don’t keep up with the team and the news. Because everything you’re saying is completely contradicting.

  • Al

    Mark, you close the piece with “What do you think”? Okay…I think you’re barking mad!

    • Mark Roberts

      No worries Al…that’s what these discussion boards are all about…love to hear your polar opposite views as to why!

  • I can’t believe you’re even contemplating this. We were always going to have a difficult season following our achievements last year. This club has needed stability since Shepherd sacked Robson. Now we have it.

    Yes, we should have signed a couple more players in the summer, but we didn’t, and we are where we are. We’ve had injuries to most of the key players who made last season a success, and the players who haven’t been injured have been off form. That would hurt any club. We knew we needed more cover in defence, however we seemed to be quite well stocked in other areas – nobody could have anticipated having so many injuries in those areas at the same time.

    Sacking Pardew and replacing him with whoever is flavour of the month won’t achieve anything – (don’t forget Pardew was the man in demand last season) – they’ll inevitably fail after having to pick up the pieces of a club in tatters – again – and then we’ll be firmly back to square one. Pardew has already publicly (yet subtly) said he hopes the board have learnt from not buying in the summer – though he can’t exactly slag off his employers in public as you suggest he should, as he’d likely be sacked anyway.

    Reading are as good as gone, QPR have to win every other game to have a hope and Wigan and Southampton would appear to be the contenders battling to avoid being the 3rd club to drop out – we have more resources at our disposal than both those clubs and based on our performance against Man City we’re more than capable of getting ourselves out of bother.

    I agree, a win at the weekend is vital to avoid making life very difficult for ourselves, but even though we may not finish in the dizzy heights of last season, but I think we’ll be ok.

    • Mark Roberts

      still backing the manager???

  • disqus_832L0x2k7X


    sorry it would not let me post to my
    email address. Basically I have been a fan for many years and seen loads
    of managers sacked when the pressure mounted on the board. I do not
    think we can get long term success this way, as a new manager
    will come in (plus all the back room staff) & do a major overhaul
    of the squad. Then we will get the pop star signings and potentially
    another load of mercenaries coming in (e.g. Michael Owen) I would like
    to see the manager given 5 years to develop the club
    from the bottom up, a bit like Moyes at Everton or even use Fergie at
    Man Utd as an example.

    The only time we have had decent teams
    in the last 40 years is when both Sir Bobby & Keegan were given 5
    years each to develop teams. Sir Bobby’s team was not that good for
    about 18 months – 2 years but, as he added to it, they became a
    very good team. I think Pardew has done well under difficult
    circumstances, mistakes have been made in putting faith in the younger
    players, who don’t look up the job.

    Who would you bring in? Who would come? Mark Hughes, Di Matteo, ALan Shearer??

    You are entitled to your opinion as we all are.

  • Al

    Mark – I penned you a totally reasonable reply, but it was “moderated”. Basically, I don’t agree :-) All the best, Al

    • Mark Roberts

      sorry about that Al, I don’t have anything to do with the moderation controls on the site but please keep the comments coming…it’s a good crack! Happy xmas!

  • Mark Roberts

    I’ll always have faith in the club…just lost faith with the manager that’s all!