You know something’s wrong when you don’t even get pleasure from the Mackems losing!

I’ve just turned 50, and I’m a lifelong Magpie in a bad place, I’ve witnessed some awful times in the seventies ranging from losing the cup final to the those awful days in the second division but at least watching Steve Carney in defence giving out his own version of justice / vengeance on any opposing player who hurt one of ours was worth the entrance fee alone.

Irrespective of who we had in the team in those days we still had thousands of passionate Geordies turning up week in week out to watch whatever was churned out.  The toilets in the Gallowgate end in those days where so bad most of us just had one where we stood because those bogs could seriously shorten your life expectancy….aaaaahhhhh the good old days!

The early eighties brought a significant change in our fortunes when the messiah turned up, soon to be followed by Pedro and we had that wonderful front three of Beardsley, Waddle and Keegan with McCreery and Terry Mac pulling the strings in midfield…heady days indeed and we were always thoroughly entertained.

It all went a bit south again in the mid-eighties when we sold off all our best players but we still had great times on the road and some of the fondest memories I have as a supporter are in the eighties travelling round the country watching the lads.

The Nineties brought Keegan back to the Toon as manager and the entertainers were born, we were everyone’s second favourite team and although we won nowt we had a great time and the drug of going to watch the lads was still there dragging us back week after week.

Unfortunately, the drugs just aren’t working any more, having watched and supported Newcastle through thin and thinner for the best part of 40 years, Ashley and Pardew have this year finally sucked out any enjoyment I’ve ever derived from watching the toon because the penny has finally dropped…

For the first time in 40 years we haven’t got a nutty Newcastle fan at the helm of the good ship NUFC, we’ve ended up with a businessman who actually supports Tottenham, who has a Purple player policy that makes no sense whatsoever, who has a value formula in relation to potential player acquisitions and who has already decided that the team won’t do anything this year so won’t be investing any more money into it.

The road ahead is very clear, next year the biggest ever TV deal in soccer history comes into effect in the premiership which sees more money coming into clubs, which in turn adds more value to each and every club in the Premiership. Newcastle is a one club city with the best fans in the world so Ashley has a very good product to sell between now and August next year.

NUFC is just another company in the ownership of Mike Ashley soon to be sold off to the highest bidder. He won’t invest a single penny in the January transfer window because he knows he’s selling the club, so why spend the money.

Good businessmen are crap football club owners, you need owners who care, who fantasise and who make decisions with their hearts, not number crunchers who don’t give a damn.

Here’s to the next owner, let’s hope he’s a fan and let’s hope the drugs start working again.

  • Harryhhh

    The old he’s selling narrative is getting a bit tiresome Mark. Mistakes were made in the summer, I pointed them out with this video: at the time.

    There is nothing to suggest he will sell unless someone comes in with a huge offer. Ok he’s not perfect, Llambias is a hot head/idiot/casino-manager but we are doing ok and people seem happy enough with Pardew.

    We should have used last season to kick on a level, in the summer strengthening in the weak areas namely striker/defence instead we signed some good kids and a defensive midfielder and sold some squad players. In short it was p1ss poor performance from Llambias and co, they let Pardew down. Along comes Europa and quel suprese decimates our season with injuries to a pretty small squad and a manager/backroomstaff who is are a little out of their depth at managing a european and domestic campaign. Pardew is doing his best but needs more resources, namely first team players. Think Debuchy, think Douglas, think de Jong. They were all supposedly keen and all three slipped away for various reasons but ultimately it comes down to money, cold dirty money. Last season Prem clubs hauled in £2bn, that was a record, its never been so good to own a premiership club, yet Newcastle austerity whilst praised last season isn’t working this season, there was money to spend and we didn’t seem to spend it. It was a failure which is now translating on the pitch and will be an even more expensive one to correct come January.

    People won’t like this but we just don’t have a squad big enough for Europa and it will ultimately cost us a top 6 finish this season unless we drop £25m this January on first team players. We need some solid investment and probably a look at our training methods as apart from last season (where we got lucky) we have top the injury table consistently for years and years.