DembaBa35Last year was a fantastic success for us, finishing 5th and getting a European Spot!

We had a team of players who actually wanted to play for Newcastle.  Gone were the days of the players who just wanted a quick cash injection and then move on, gone was the greed. Here we had a buoyant squad who had a fantastic spirit and actually seemed to care about our team…or so I thought!

Since our success, I feel that players are expecting more, demanding more and suddenly I feel a tremor in the ground and unsettlement in the air.

It may be media talk, it may not, but I’m not liking the noises from the Demba Ba camp this season, and I do think that there’s been some unsettlement in a number of areas.

Firstly, the temper and disdain shown about not playing where he wants to and his attitude towards it, we were a lot more balanced last year when he played on the left of a front 3 – that’s no more.  Then there’s the release clause and turning down vast sums of money, whilst giving interviews to French TV about how he allegedly loves Arsenal and how they need a striker.

We took a gamble on Demba Ba when other teams wouldn’t, we have given him the platform to perform, he should stay and settle and continue to deliver, or get the hell out.

I say thanks for the Goals, thanks for the 7million, take your syrup and see ya.

I say to Danny Simpson, sign or go.

I say to anyone else who doesn’t want to stay or starts holding the club to ransom, see ya – go.

I would prefer to play some of the younger talent and give them experience, I would prefer to go and get players who have made it known that they want to play for the club.

The best thing that happened to us in recent years was relegation and seeing who was up for the fight, who felt loyalty and most of all, getting rid of the players who just didn’t fancy it.

I want to see 11 players playing who are committed to doing their best for us week in week out,  then we may get more performances like the display at the weekend against Manchester City.

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  • I agree all the way to the uncompromising stance on players’ demands and that relegation was a good thing (mainly because I’m worried it might happen again with the latter- though I take your point in clearing out the leeches and layabouts). I’m ethically opposed to the obscene amounts of cash that has forever changed the face of the sport I love- it has fostered disloyalty, corruption and nepotism above pride in a profession and an affinity with a club/region and we subsequently have a load of spoiled brats rolling around the pitch and hoying their dummies oot of the pram when they don’t get their own way. However, as a supporter of the toon and the game itself I find it wise to consolidate these opinions with the fact that the modern game is first and foremost a business.

    Ashley bought a premier league football club and is trying to run it as he does his slave labour merchandising conglomerate- cheap labour and a high staff turnover as a method of undercutting and outcompeting the competition, but the strategies that work in hiring unskilled labourers on minimum wage simply doesn’t translate to a highly valued, unique and profitable profession.

    In the simplest terms possible, given the wage structure and the depth of our squad; if you were a highly sought after technician in your profession, would you work more hours and harder for less than half the wage you could get at a nearby rival? Especially when that rival offers you the opportunity to get some silverware as reward for your hard graft and recognition of you as a master in your trade?

    I hate to say it, but in their position under this regime/conditions I’d be looking to leave the toon too, (if only the passion and loyalty of fans were enough to keep a player happy in the modern era!) but in my opinion the strategy in place is designed to generate player discontent and see ‘stars’ demanding equity or to be sold on- that way the fans don’t complain quite so much when players who want the going rate and a chance to achieve things with the club are sold for (Ashley’s) profit… some people even go as far as writing articles wishing them away ;)

    • ash1001

      I think the Graeme is just seeing as a lot of the fans do, both Ba and Simpson are in a position to put the whole sorry saga to bed, but neither choose to do so, there fore they have to be unhappy about something, if that’s the case them my attitude is on ya bike son. In the main its working class lads and lasses that pay your wages whether by going to matches, buying merchandise or paying SKY, whichever way it is footballers at PL level are very well paid. My yearly pension i would think is less than a weeks wages to Simpson, that’s reality. The side issue is that all this press fro Ba and Simpson has to unsettle what we thought a while back was a happy ship.

      • From what I know I agree about Simpson, but I don’t rate him anymore than his paltry 10k p/w anyway- he’s expendable. I’d hoped to see santon and debuchy as first choice full backs this season and simmo as back up/europa or sold on. I’m not bang up to date with the Ba situation, but so far he’s given solid rebutals to every rumour and I’ve just read on here about his ‘pinnochio’ tweet, which seems to be in the same vein, (although not a definite denial) so I’m inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. I think he’ll be away in January or the summer at the latest in any case though, but a bit of investment might have been enough to keep everyone happy and averted our current predicament. Debuchy and Douglas would’ve done me; along with Anita and the young uns coming through I reckon we’d have kicked on, but instead…. :(

        100% agree about the fan base (of footy on general as well as the toon)- as always it’s the working class that do most of the graft, pay for everything, etc, etc and the minority that profit- and also that footballers in the prem are ludicrously over paid for a skill that’s practically worthless in the real world. But the fact of the matter is that they’re on par with celebrities and similarly useless ****** who influence our society through the **** stirring media who cause more trouble than they’re worth! I don’t usually read the national papers or watch the news, btw, so hear news and rumours via blogs/chronicle, etc, but they’re constantly on about Ba and his release clause- redknappers bidding again for qpr apparently!

        I think if Ashley wants to compete at this level (in business and sport) he need to raise the bar season by season (within reason) in order to keep our best (where possible- ie, enrique!) and consolidate any gains we make until we’re in a better position to compete as a top ten team (6 or 4, optimistically)- and by doing so rewarding financially burdened fans for their undying loyalty. I’m very uncomfortable with his gambling style of ownership- in my eyes his methods show he sees NUFC as his collatoral and the toon army as his insurance. If he’s not willing to play the stakes required at the top table, maybe he should consider selling up and buying out Rangers? (I think he’ll do that in a few seasons anyway)

  • Lintonlad

    Speaking of moneygrabbin’ mercenary wotsits………
    I enjoyed watching SPOTY 2012 last night. All those fantastic athletes, devoted to their sport, dedicated to being the best, giving that extra 10%, the arena full of sporting heroes,,,,and Michael Owen too!