The head of the PFA (Professional Footballers’ Association), Gordon Taylor, has called for protective netting to be put up following the coin thrown at Rio Ferdinand in the Manchester derby.


“It could have been a very serious injury to Rio Ferdinand so I think it is a real wake-up call to the football authorities, to try and prevent that happening.

On option that’s been talked about is netting in vulnerable areas; when a player’s taking corners, behind the goal, or behind the managers’ dugouts where the substitutions are.

I think we’ve got to look at that seriously, so long as it doesn’t affect vision, and of course nobody’s talking about bringing fences back. Football is there to be enjoyed by the whole community”.

Surely for the netting to be any use to stop coins it will have to be quite dense and is guaranteed to affect the fans’ view of the match. Like any wrongdoing the answer is to catch the people responsible and punish them, not punish the 99.999% of the public who are doing nothing wrong.

Maybe Gordon Taylor should be looking closer to home and sorting out issues like the endemic cheating by his members and the total lack of respect shown by so many to the match officials. While of course we have had instances in the past such as Jamie Carragher throwing coins back into the crowd and he wasn’t even charged with misconduct by the FA. Fans (quite rightly) can be banned for life but what about the players?

With these type of things it is often the thin end of the wedge and if we let them stick nets up because of a handful of coin throwing incidents then why not the justification for fences, to stop people running onto the pitch as has happened this season, as they still do in other countries?

Obviously the Hillsborough angle should alone mean we never see another fence in this country but anybody who watched threw the daft fences that were at St.James’ Park and the rest of the Premier League, would testify to how much it affected watching the match.


  • glasshalfempty

    well said young man!!

  • How about right thinking fans stop and report the abusive fans. It is the reflection of game going fans mentality that netting and yea at some point maybe even fences need to be considered tho the latter is highly unlikely to be required. First ask, what have you the fan done to solve this problem? If good fans are the majority, why haven’t people come together to stop the vileness … Dont just wait for other ppl to take care of the problem. Hope that makes sense

  • Heaton Mick

    Much as I dislike Jamie Carragher, I felt a bit of sympathy when he threw the coin back in the crowd (he got a red card so he didn’t exactly get away with it) It wasn’t like he was going to cause an injury like a fan would when throwing a coin from up above.
    I find it a bit odd that fans think they can shout or gesture whatever they like at the players but expect the police to get involved when a player reacts back at them. Just because they’re on offensive wages doesn’t mean they should have to put up with some of that abuse.

    As for any comment that Gordon Taylor has on what happens in a crowd I wouldn’t take much notice. I suspect a man on £984,000 a year doesn’t sit with the fans very often!