'The Name Is Pardew...'

Being the complete footballing saddo I a m, I always sit down and watch sky sports on a Saturday morning to catch up with team selections for my fantasy football team, while at the same time listen to all the pre-match managerial interviews for the weekend…happy days!

As soon as I switched on the tele this morning they’re talking with Harry and Pards,the timing couldn’t have been better cos we’re shooting out early today for a wedding.

Harry starts by saying the toon are in no danger this year even though QPR will beat us today (typical tongue in cheek Redknapp) but the real surprise came when Pardew says, “We’re in good form right now so very confident we’ll get a result today!”

Unfortunately, for me I was mid-sip of a monster cup of tea mixed in with a slice of hangover toast as he said that, the cat is now suffering third degree burns and has spent the last hour licking all the bits of toast out of its fur.

I went back in the kitchen, got another cup of tea, put some more toast in the toaster and then sat down again and turned on the computer to look at the Newcastle united blogs I like to read.

The cat’s now decided to sit outside in the rain cos it’s a lot safer than sitting within ten yards of me with tea and toast on the go, staring at me loud and proud was a huge headline…


I opened it up and couldn’t believe me eyes. Pardew goes on to say…

“But I have four Premier League games and a FA Cup tie to get through without them. We need one, maybe two wins, which would be six or seven points out of that. This is what we need to aim for.”

Happy days! 7 points from the next four games and we’ll be right back up there challenging for Europe again. All we have to do is beat QPR today, then beat either Arsenal or Man U away or beat those relegation pushovers Everton at home and then get a draw from one of the rest…easy peasy when you look at it look like that!

At least Man U, Everton and Arsenal fans will be laughing

How many points do you think we’ll get from those 4 games?

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  • When Pardew says we are in form or are playing well that completely exposes his standards and says a lot as to why we are where we are in the league. Any self respecting top manager would not think we are in any kind of form. He’s a mug.

    However, when he says he’s targeting 7 points then I agree. Why wouldn’t we? 2 home games and try and nick a point away at OT or Emirates. Perfectly acceptable.

    • BlackAndWhiteArmy

      agreed, better to target 7 points than 4 points, scrapping a win (most likely would be at everton) …
      problem with most toon fans now is that they’re incapable of hoping for
      some kind of result, same could be said for the players.. i’m praying
      this will change soon because its not doing us any justice in the
      position we are in

      • Mark Roberts

        if Pardew played a system the players believed in then you might just see a difference in performance levels. I hope we go all out and attack against Man U and Arsenal and go down fighting…these limp cautious displays are doing my head in…you cant set up not to lose because as soon as we let one in the game plan is shot….go down fighting!!!

        • Mark Roberts

          that was much more like it…our pathetic defense let us down yet again but at least we after them and we played well…MUCH MORE LIKE IT…4-3-3 and we played football…absolutely brilliant!!!!!

          Only travesty is scoring three goals at old trafford and coming away with nowt but at least we went down playing football…if we keep on playing like that we’ve got nowt to worry about…bloody brilliant!

    • Mark Roberts

      As said in some of the above, for me it’s all about performances, not points over the next four games…would rather see us come out the other side with a team that has started to play like we did last year…it is the same team after all!

      Once we have our form and fluidity back we’ll climb the league for sure…the next four games are all about that as far as I’m concerned…setting unrealistic targets from a points perspective doesn’t help anyone…especially when we don’t achieve them

      • Well theres 3. An unlikely point at either OT or Emirates and then aim to beat Everton at home.

        It is not unrealistic. Not in any way shape or form.

        • Mark Roberts

          not if you live in la la land no…how about we pick up this conversation again in January because if we play like we did against QPR when we play Man U, Arsenal and Everton we’ll have points deducted for being so bad.

          • Mark Roberts

            Well we didn’t play against Man U or Arsenal like we did against QPR so that’s a positive…I knew in my heart 7 points was a stupid target but Pardew is so thick he won’t realise how stupid it makes him look…but having said all that the performances against the above clubs were always far more important than the result and I’m much happier we’re now creating chances and not losing the midfield battles…it’s only a defensive issue now whereas before the Man U game it was team and formation issue…so yes we’re making progress and yes there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

            you were right about Jonas by the way!

  • Heaton Mick

    In nearly every article in the last month you’ve had a go at Pardew for setting our sights too low and blaming injuries for our poor form and now he’s wrong for aiming too high!

    All he’s done is set a TARGET of 7 points (his quote doesn’t say that’s what we’re going to get, just what he’s aiming for) Would you prefer he said we’re going to lose every game.

    If we play like we did in most of the Man City game I don’t see why we aren’t about to win today or against Everton on the 2nd. Can’t see much chance of beating the Old Trafford jinx though!

    • Mal

      I agree. If we manage to bet QPR today (by no means certain) then it would be a big lift for the team. 7 points isn’t stupid at this point in time as a target.

      • Mark Roberts

        Yes, beating QPR today has been a big lift for the team and believe it or not nobody happier than me…but the nerves in the crowd and on the pitch were there for all to see and shouting ‘get in’ halfway through the wedding speeches did not go down too well but such was my sense of relief.
        Just watched the highlights on the tele and it was tense affair to say the least…let’s hope now that game’s out the way we can kick on a bit from a performance and fluidity perspective because I don’t care what anyone says, points will be hard to come by til after the Brighton game

      • Mark Roberts

        How many points do you think we’ll get now then?

        • Mal

          It says a lot about you Mark that you couldn’t apparently wait to send this response (which was copied to me via email) straight after our Arsenal defeat and a week after your original article. I struggled to find the article so I could respond as it’s been off the main page for a few days now. Anyway, congratulations on being probably the only newcastle supporter delighted that we didn’t get anything at either Man U or Arsenal which means we cannot hit the 7 point target. Just to remind you though is that all I (and other respondents) had said that it wasn’t a stupid TARGET to set the team – I didn’t say it was a FORECAST – there is a difference.
          Still you also got your wish in that Williamson wasn’t able to play at the emirates – that really helped the team a lot. A really good hoiday break for you.

    • Mark Roberts

      Never once had a go at Pardew for setting his sights too low…all I want from Pardew is some honesty and respect..little of which is readily available from the cockney wide boy.
      I would rather he said something like “The Man U, Arsenal and Everton games are shots to nothing…it’ll be a bonus if we get anything out of them so our main focus will have to be to perform at such a level to regain the fluidity in our play that allowed us to dominate teams like we did last year, and with that fluidity in our play and improved defensive performances we’ll be able slowly climb the league to a respectable mid table finish”

      In my book something like that is

      a) Not blaming our form on injured players
      b) Not setting unrealistic targets
      c) CIdentifies and

  • scotty63

    Mark – you really really don’t like him do you? I don’t think it’s unreasonable for any manager (football or otherwise) to set targets (achievable or not) because the alternative is to set a target of 1-3 points over the festive period and be panned for that. As always you provoke discussion but in this case I think you are unreasonably anti pardew. Keep stirring it up and surprise me with a pro pardew piece soon :)

    • Mark Roberts

      I said if we lost against QPR he should go…thankfully we didn’t as I still believe that could have been fatal from a confidence perspective and we would have spiraled into oblivion thereafter.

      I’m not a fan of managers in all walks of life who set unrealistic targets in an effort raise performance levels so that an 80% of target achievement = what the manager wants in the first place…we’re dealing with grown men here in a very results driven environment. His targets should not be driven from a points perspective, they should be driven from a performance perspective so we get our ambition back (even Pardew says we’re not playing with any flair this year), he should be aiming to regain the fluidity in our play that kept the opposition on the back foot just like last year, and should be aiming to dominate the all important midfield areas instead of allowing us to be over-run in midfield like we have all year.

      the next three games should be all about the performances and if we come out of the next 4 games with no more points but all the above back in the locker, then we’ll definitely climb the table for sure and no doubts you’ll see some pro Pardew comments…but they won’t be gushing for sure!

      • Mal

        ‘I said if we lost against QPR he should go…’
        Have you learnt nothing from the way we have regularly changed managers? It gets you nowhere. There was a very good article recently on this site which listed the alternatives that we would likely have to choose from if we did sack pardew. I suggest you read it – or perhaps suggest who you would like in his place.

        • Mark Roberts

          making sweeping statements like “Have you learnt nothing from the way we have regularly changed managers?” is so niave it’s pitiful…managerial changes can be for the better you know and I see no reason in keeping a sub standard manager at newcastle if we don’t have to. Man U changed their manager to put Ferguson in the chair, Arsenal changed their manager to put Wenger in the chair…r u going to sit there and tell me the decision to change the manager in those two clubs was a bad one…the secret is of course to change your under-performing manager with a better one…keeping an under-performing manager is never a good idea.

          • Mal

            So, can we have your suggested realistic replacement for Pardew please.

          • Mark Roberts

            I’d take Laudrup or Stevie Clarke or Martinez in a flash over Pardew

    • Mark Roberts

      Hiya Scotty. I don’t just write these blogs to get a reaction…I write what I’m thinking and what I believe…why go public on that stupid target when it’ll simply backfire on him…no way were we ever going to get that many points off three top 6 teams when we’re playing so badly. Upside is we’re now playing again and creating chances again so there’s no doubt we can score our way to safety rather than defend our way to safety