SJP3After the win against ‘Arry Redknapp’s Queens Park Rangers, Alan Pardew was understandably in much better spirits.

Analysing recent results and performances he had this to say;

“I feel sorry for our fans, we’ve really put them through the rack over this last period.

They’ve watched some football that hasn’t been our best but the last five games, two wins in the the last four Premier League games, they are starting to look the right sort of stats now.

Now what we need to do is to back that up and get a win against one of the big clubs and that would really cement us into mid-table”.

As always with stats you can look at them in a number of ways and before yesterday’s match I heard one pundit saying that Newcastle United had only won one of their last eight Premier League matches and one of their last eleven in all competitions.

Amazon_Gift_Card_Christmas_2012_The_Mag_Shop_2Now as Alan says, we can claim to have won two of our last four Premier League matches, or in all competition, two of our last five…

Of course the most important statistic is whether you have won your last match, unless you want to talk about the most important as your next one – so onto Old Trafford!

One interesting statistic that was a backbone of last season was that in the home matches against the teams that finished from seventh downwards, United didn’t lose a single one – the boys in black and white claiming ten wins and four draws.

Those are the kind of stats that make for a successful season.



  • This so called manager is a clueless halfwit. Stats say we’ve beaten two out of the three teams currently holding up the Premier League. So Top Four here we come !!!!!

  • The only stat that they are concerned with is how much money is coming in through the gates and tv and with the third highest average attendance in the premiership of course it looks good, after all its about making money is it not or should they be trying to win things?
    I don’t think that they care so long as the money comes in..