MW0001_Mike_Williamson_Newcastle_United_NUFCWe all know that Mike Ashley runs a tight ship at St.James’ Park in terms of spending, with Newcastle struggling largely due to the failure to invest in players in the summer.

However, is this miserly attitude just as damaging in terms of the coaching expertise available to Alan Pardew?

In the summer for example, the manager stated that he was looking to bring in some specialist coaching help to assist with set-pieces, nothing was ever heard of this again so we can only assume it wasn’t sanctioned by the owner/chairman.

Today we face Manchester United and not including other set-pieces, this season the Mancs have scored ten goals from corners already. It is obviously not all about height either, as Evra has already scored twice from corners, including at St.James’ park, and he is their smallest player.

In comparison you have to go back to October 1st 2011 when Newcastle last performed this miracle, Demba Ba heading in Cabaye’s corner against Wolves.

By definition Man.Utd are clearly doing something right, while Newcastle clearly must be doing something wrong.

When it comes to corners then working on them in training should be relatively straightforward. After all, you know where they are taken from and you’ll have a good idea how your next opposition try to defend them, so where is the problem?

To try and succeed you obviously need the right delivery into the box, then you need the right movement from players and of course the desire to get there and put the ball into the net.

Apart from the odd time when the ball has been played to Coloccini on the edge of the box, the rest of the time the ‘plan’ appears to be to chip the ball into the box, or aim it for Mike Williamson beyond the far post to head it back across goal.

A barren fifteen months tells us this ‘plan’ is not working.

I don’t question the desire of our players overall but when it comes to set-pieces I certainly don’t think the players look like they have a real belief they are going to score.

On top of the atrocious record on corners, this season Newcastle are the only Premier League team who haven’t scored from any set-piece.

This can’t be allowed to continue and I just hope that as well as allowing spending on essential playing recruits, Mike Ashley gives Alan Pardew all the right tools he needs in his coaching set-up to get the most out of our players.

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  • could have sworn that was a corner we scored from against Man-city there ;)
    it was not direct from the corner but the fact Colo played the pass is only beacause he was up for the corner….
    I’m counting it anyway

  • Munich Mag

    Pardew is the chief coach, and he calls the shots when it comes to training methods. Our delivery from free kicks has improved since Anita started getting involved. Didn’t one of NUFC’s trusted coaches say during a tv interview as an unemployed pundit around a year ago that he didn’t rate Cisse ? Good job Cisse dosn’t talk Geordie

  • Mark Roberts

    Must be the same corner taking coach that’s coaching the lads to play that beautiful long ball as well. Anita has the game to keep the ball on the floor but Pardew’s telling them to kick it long…18 matches later and it isn’t working…how much longer before we start playing football again and don’t tell me we have to wait for Cabaye to return because that’s just not good enough