SJPFLICKR1Hands up if you were a little upset by ‘Sir’ Alex’s conduct and his subsequent comments to the media:

“It is unfortunate but I am the manager of the most famous club in the world; not Newcastle, a wee club in the north east.”

At first I was incensed, how dare he speak of our magnificent football club like that!

Then I stopped to think and realized it’s funnier than it is insulting.

Some facts about Manchester United.

They were originally Newton Heath and changed their name to Manchester United in 1902 after they went bust.

Obviously they aligned themselves with the nearest big city, and after considering Celtic and Central, they went with United, just like the mighty Newcastle! And as any city fan will tell you, they have no right to call themselves Manchester.

Alex Ferguson is full of rubbish, they aren’t a club, they’re a brand. This is reflected by the fact their logo no longer bears the words ‘football club’ which were removed in 1998.

As for the ‘Red Devils’? That’s their nickname, literally. Matt Busby liked the local rugby team’s moniker so much he stole it and had it added to their logo.

And their manager is trying to play the, “well we’re better than you”, card.

Alright mate, you keep telling yourself that. I’d rather be a supporter of a wee club than a fan of some sporting brand.

  • Davey drape

    Gud splints Michael. I have been say for years we are the only club who can claim to be the original united I.e did both sides of Manchester come together to form one club…I don’t think so…..we must grasp this pr opportunity and highlight this unique fact about our special club. Its a way of highlighting our history and prove to fergie et al our heritage is just as gud if not better then man utds.

  • Jezza

    Yes a small club that can win nothing for 60 years and still get 50,000 crowds every week. No other club in the world can match that. Anybody can get huge crowds when you’re winning trophies every season but it’s the very fact that we’ve won nowt for 60 years and still get crowds of 50,000 that makes Newcastle United the biggest club in the
    world. If we had had even 10% of the success Manchester have had in the past two decades they wouldn’t be able to build a stadium big enough for all the fans who would turn up to see us.

    It would be very interesting to go through the 75,000 who turn up at Old Trafford every week and individually analyse how many of them would be still be there if Manchester had gone as long as Newcastle have without a trophy. You’d find a hardcore of around 15,000 locals who’d be there but all the other band wagon jumping glory seekers would be somewhere else watching who ever happened to be the most successful club.

    No matter how many trophies Manchester cheat and bully their way to winning they will never be as big as Newcastle United and deep down that blotchy faced alcoholic piece of vermin F******n knows that and that’s why he hates us so much.