FACup1Here’s a question for you. Is 4th in the league and a place in the Champions League viable this season?

Ok, once you’ve stopped laughing, answer me this…

If we can’t achieve a place in the Champions League next season, what is the aim of this one?

Is it to qualify for Europe again, just to complain about it next year and use it as an excuse as to the Premier League form,  or should we actually give the Europa League this season some real focus and see what we can do!!

I’d be looking at above mid-table in the league and actually focussing on the FA and Europa Cups,  let’s go to win the 2 competitions that we can actually have a go at.

Knowing our lot, we’ll focus on the league at the expense of the FA Cup and the Europa Cup, get knocked out of both and finish mid-table.

I’d be looking to play my best side in the Cups, match to match, perhaps the odd change (up front or wingers only) and go for it.

Flight_Simulation_Northumbria_Flying_School_The_MagBring in 3 players in January, bolster the squad, stop moaning about Thursday to Sunday (Champions league is Wed to Sat…same gap) and get going.

Get players motivated, get midfield runners, focus on quality set-pieces and quality crosses from the channels, only using the long ball occasionally when required to do so!!!

Let’s see what the next few weeks show us. Exciting times ahead…?

Good to get 3 points on the board yesterday – it reminds me that if you don’t shoot then you don’t score!!

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  • glasshalfempty

    half way to our target and I’ll be counting down the next 20 points….
    We’re Gonna Win F*** All Again, We’re Gonna Win F*** All, WE STILL FOLLOW UNITED!!!!!!!!!

  • Jezza

    I can’t believe this article, I thought it was Christmas, not April Fool’s day. In the real world. most Newcastle fans, myself included, will be happy if we can just finish fourth bottom of the Premiership this season. Our one and only possible realistic target is avoiding relegation.

    • Graeme

      exactly what I’m saying!! there’s no hope in hell of getting near the top of the league so why don’t we challenge for the cups we’re in this season and look to mid table in the league!!

  • Spoon_Army

    Finish 4th bottom and try and start again

  • Sean

    The Champions League may well have the same gap but the clubs competing are capable of squad rotation. We’re not! Focus on the cups & then get sucked into a relegation scrap???? I know what your saying but it’s not viable.

    • Graeme

      good shout, so we need to ask the question … IF and it’s a big IF, we ever qualified for Champions League – would Ashley really give the money to build a squad capable of challenging on both fronts? If the answer is no, then it would be excuses and moans about that too, I suppose we need to understand if there is a plan…what exactly is it? When you qualify for something, shouldn’t you be giving it your best shot?

      • glasshalfempty

        …to get to the Champions League spots you need a team, or 2 teams capable of playing first team football. That’s why we won’t get there!!! Speculate to accumulate and all that

  • You lot are a seriously miserable set of Newcastle fans.

    I think the article should read: United target: League or cups?

    Linked is the current league table: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/table

    In the league, 6th place is not overly optimistic if we put together a decent run. But…

    We are missing some key players, but if we were to bring in 3/4 players and lose only Ba, we could line up, 4-3-3: Krul, Santon, Pieters, Taylor, Colo, Tiote, Cabaye, Jonas, Remy, Ben Arfa and Cisse. With Douglas, Simpson, Debuchy, Sammy, Shola, Elliot, Obertan, Perch, Anita, Raylor, and Marveux and Bigi to play with.

    We could battle on both fronts. We could finish top 8 and win one of the cups with some luck. We can do it. It requires us to spend in Jan, because if we don’t bring anyone in I think we’ll need to concentrate on the league, but it can be done.

    Keep the faith. Believe! HOWAY MAN!