Another telling contribution from Williamson leads to yet another toon defeat.

I have no clue whatsoever why Pardew continues to pick Willo; he’s useless in defence and for some inane reason we use him as a target man from free kicks and corners at which he’s worse than useless.

However, it’s not at that end of the pitch he’s dangerous, it’s at our end.

Alan, Willo is not premiership class, play Perch or Good or one of the kids, Willo has always been an accident waiting to happen and the number of goals he’s wrongfooted Krul with is uncanny.

The lads played well tonight and didn’t deserve to lose. Why you brought off Ben Arfa is questionable, and no doubt you’ll tell us you’re protecting him, but everything was going through HBA and as soon as he came off we lost our flair and momentum.

Come on Pards, these decisions are costing us and we’re now well and truly in trouble.

Things could’ve been so so different if the fat controller had spent some money in the summer and I know you have to play with what you’ve got but what you’ve got won’t keep us up.

You need to get on your hands and knees and beg, otherwise you’ll be plying your trade in the Championship next year.

  • I don’t remember anyone complaining about Williamson when he kept clean sheets against Man U in the 3-0 at home or the 2-0 away at Chelsea last season. Or him getting the credit for those victories for that matter. We win, lose and draw as a team, support the lads, they need it.

    • nufcdavid

      We always seem to win in spite of him as opposed to because of him. The best I’ve ever had to say about him is “He wasn’t horrendous” and, personally, for a club that should have been building on a top 5 finish, he’s just nowhere near good enough. Granted, it is not his fault that the club have flatly refused to buy a decent back up centre half but I honestly struggle to think of a more inept centre half in the league who plays as often as he does.

    • Heaton Mick

      Completely agree, I’m not sure how this article helps anybody get out of the situation we are currently in by singling out individuals.

      I actually thought in the 2nd half when the back four were in front of us that Williamson wasn’t noticeably worse than anybody else- it was certainly better than Tiote who has been inexplicably bad for the last couple of months and not singled out.
      In fact it could be argued that both goals were more attributable to Colo than Williamson, but I’d hate anyone to single him out either because they’re a team.

      His lack of success at free kicks and corners is probably more down to the appalling quality of crosses we seem to be putting in this season. How many goals have ANY of our squad scored from headers this year?

      One thing’s for sure, until January there no option other than Perch (a player that seemed to attract similar criticism less than a year ago) and Williamson is certainly better and more committed than some of the dross we’ve seen in the last 30 years!

      • James Zielinski

        The problem for Colo is hes having to do the work of two defenders. If Colo had a decent partner with a bit of pace Colo would get even better. Even if we’d signed Bassong again it would have been an improvement. Saylor is too injury prone and should be the back up or even play the right back role as he likes to get forward but hes not reliable injury wise. Willo is committed but his ability ceiling is too low for the rest of the squad. As a team you are only as good as your weakest link and Willo is too weak. Last season we actually lost enough points off Willo being the backup that cost us the Champions League. Harsh but true. Teams know hes weak and now play on him constantly. He would be a decent Championship player but hes just one of those players where Premier League is too much for him. You have to have an ability with the ball at your feet in the Premier League as a defender he doesnt have it. Do I blame Pardew, Williamson? No not really we should have strengthened in summer and we all knew that about Williamson 2 years ago but replacement wasnt signed. When they are on the pitch they will always have my support but it doesnt change the fact we need some players who are improvements. If we had replacements for Jonas, Willo and Simpson our team would be a great one. Tiote I agree has been awful this season his passing has been the worst thing about it as he switches off and plays it at the opposition but its in him to turn it around. Simpson has improved the past few games but still his head has been elsewhere as he knows he is leaving – again bad decision by club he should have been replaced as that was always going to happen.

      • Mal

        Agree with everything you say Mick. This constant criticism of Williamson is getting out of hand and is being used as the reason for poor team performances. So many players are playing poorly. I don’t know what’s happened to Tiote whose passing and ackling are appalling and Cisse might as well not be on the pitch. The irony of the fulham game is that Colo was in fact responsible for both of their goals but that’s partly due to the fact that he is trying to do too much to cover for poor performances elsewhere. The team as a whole need to start pulling together and the coaching staff need to be a lot more creative in stting up our free kicks etc – it’s not Williamson’s fault that we seem only to have one tactic.

  • Geordie clog

    His.distribution is terrible he panics when he gets the ball and cant jump and while iam on why dosnt jonas have a go instead of running into people and expecting a free kick