The old saying reckons that ‘cream always rises to the top’, well how on earth do we describe the erstwhile Mr Pardew’s performance right now?

If gold top full fat milk is the top of the scale and UHT low fat skimmed milk sits at the bottom, how should we rate Pardew’s current performance, or is the situation even worse than we thought, has the milk gone off and is he on the way to making cheese?

It would seem his Newcastle career is doing a Charlton, a West Ham and a Southampton…good starts but slowly found out and sacked blaming bad luck, loss of players to other clubs and injuries….ring any bells?????

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Many in the game were impressed with the impact he made at all the above clubs, every time he comes into a club he seems to make an impression.

He’s a smooth talking likeable cockney who if made out of chocolate would have eaten himself many years ago but with his previous track record showing such an obvious trend, you have to wonder why on earth Ashley gave him an 8 year contract? Maybe he knows something we don’t!

Just like with all the above he’s slowly being found out at Newcastle too, he’s gone from LMA manager of the year last year to being short-listed just behind Martin O’Neill as the next most likely manager to get the sack.

The pressure’s on and he’s wobbling like jelly on a train, he’s been making ill-thought out decisions with regards to formations, team selection and substitutions all year, the man’s in a tail spin and is starting to lose the team, they’ve got that scared rabbit look in the lights of relegation.

Look at Moyes at Everton, no money for 10 years, relies on free transfers, low budget players and selling his stars to keep the ball rolling, he has a team that play their hearts out for the club, the manager and the fans – he’s under no illusions whatsoever as to how it is and how it’s going to be.

Pardew on the other hand is very simply Ashley’s full-time PR manager and part-time football manager who is taking the fans for fools, three players coming into the club in January my arse!

If three players do come into the club in January you can bet only one of one of them will be a purple because whoever it is will be funded by the sale of an existing purple, so there’s no way we’ll be nett three players better off in January.

Cream or Cheese? I know what I think!

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  • Heaton Mick

    I couldn’t disagree more with this article. Who do you credit for last season’s performance? Was that down to someone else but this season all down to Pardew?

    You say he’s starting to ‘lose the team’. I saw no evidence of this on Monday night which was a committed performance that the away end clapped at the final whistle.
    Which individuals are you suggesting have been ‘lost’ or aren’t ‘playing their hearts out’ like the Everton team?

    To even suggest in jest that he is a ‘full-time PR manager and part-time football manager’ is a bit of an insult to him. Everybody knows we’ve not got a big enough squad- is he supposed to constantly moan about the fact and belittle the played he has got by association? People have been having a go at him for using tiredness as an excuse. You can’t have it both ways.

    We’re having a bad run at the moment and singling out Pardew, Williamson and other individuals isn’t helping us get out of it on Saturday.
    You don’t have to look too far in the past to see what happens when our manager leaves after a few bad results.

    • John

      Exactly. SJP would be amazing if everyone in it shared the same sentiments.

  • John

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but in my opinion, this article is a load of bollocks. Pardew hasn’t lost the players. The team is going through a difficult phase and this season hasn’t really taken off. If anyone is to blame, it’s Ashley and his mate making the decisions not to sign anyone. There is no back up in most positions due to the powers that be’s mad policy on ‘purple players’.
    This happened last season and the classic case in point is when Williamson was out, Taylor and Colocinni got injured against Chelsea then we had no center backs. We then went to Norwich and got thumped. This is an elongated scenario caused by the same problems. No cover in key positions coupled with some players being out of form.
    It won’t be solved by knee-jerk reactions (how many times have we had to use that phrase?) from supporters who were singing the team and managers praises last season. If everyone attending the games had the same attitude, it wouldn’t be just Williamson who is playing like his confidence is shot to pieces.

  • glasshalfempty

    People complained at Keegan leaving when he was sticking up for his principles.
    Pardew seems to be getting stick for working with what he has got and in reality is being allowed to have.
    Rock and Hard Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GeordieSpirit

    Poor article. You talk about Moyes at Everton – if Everton had judged Moyes the same way see Pardew he would have been given his marching orders a long time ago. Everton went through a spell of one good season, one bad for quite a few years. Even if we gave Pardew the bullet who do you think Ashley will bring in anyway?

  • Mal

    I love the comparison with Moyes. If the author cares to go back 12 months he will find that his job was on the line as his team were in a similar position to the one we now find ourselves in. Fortunately the club stuck by him, which is what we need to do though Pardew hasn’t always helped himself with some of his recent reasons for poor performances.

  • Jezza

    Absolutely brilliant article, spot on in every respect.

    “It would seem his Newcastle career is doing a Charlton, a West Ham and a
    Southampton…good starts but slowly found out and sacked blaming bad
    luck, loss of players to other clubs and injuries….ring any bells?????”

    Very much so, history is repeating itself. Since leaving Reading, Pardew has really only had two decent seasons in management, both times when he got lucky by having prolific strikers in his team banging in the goals, Dean Ashton in 05/06 and Ba then Cisse last season.

    Even with the world class talents of Tevez and Mascerano to work with he managed to lose 8 games on the trot. Any manager who can accomplish that has to be pretty bad.

    “Pardew on the other hand is very simply Ashley’s full-time PR manager and part-time football manager”

    100% correct and THAT is exactly why he has been given that ridiculous 8 year contract.

    Those of you who disagree with the original article and are defending Pardew, fair enough I respect your views but I do believe you’ll feel differently in three or four weeks time.

    • Mark Roberts

      cheers Jezza…looks like we’re in the minority but we have to keep on applying pressure to get the fans behind us…we need to open their eyes as to how bad Pardew actually is…he needs to go as soon as humanly possible and in a perverse sort of way I hope we lose on Saturday to force the issue