I see Alan Pardew rates Demba Ba as only a 50/50 chance for Liverpool on Sunday, in some ways I think it could be a blessing in disguise.

If our top scorer was/is fine then I don’t think Pardew has any choice but to play him as he is after all top scorer in the Premier League alongside Van Persie.

However, I think that the manager would feel compelled to play Cisse as well because even though he didn’t do anything apart from be in the right place at the right time (which isn’t a bad habit to have) against West Brom, that fortunate goal could be just the thing to set him off on a run.

I’ve come to accept the reality though that Cisse and Ba can’t work together up front, they both want to take up the same positions and so far it has been a make do and mend.

When both have gone through the middle it hasn’t worked and while it has been slightly better when one of the two has gone wide to leave the other as the middle one of three, it still hasn’t pulled up any trees.

The theory of them both needing/wanting to take up the same positions is possibly best summed up by the fact that they both scored in the same match on Sunday for the first time since Cisse’s debut….but it took Demba Ba to have left the pitch before Cisse was in a position to score.

I think (and I’m sure Mike Ashley thinks it too!) Newcastle should have cashed in on one of them in the summer and recruited another striker who complemented Ba or Cisse.

Cisse would have been the one I’m guessing, what with Demba Ba’s well-publicised release clause limiting any money coming in. Though maybe the club/Pardew were worried that they could sell Cisse and then Ba might have also triggered his release clause.

Whatever the reality of that situation, we are left with the manager keep trying to hammer square pegs in round holes and if you’ve ever bought something from Ikea you just know that is never going to work!


  • Cant take the criticism ?

  • PW

    All there ever is on here is negative articles. It’s boring! Won loads of games last season when they both played. Cheer up.

  • chief

    no, definitely not time to accept this. we have two world class strikers for the first time in a long time and you’re advocating getting rid of one of them!? one game where they both play well together, which could quite possibly be sunday, and they’ll be no stopping them. and to suggest cisse would be the most likely to leave, bearing in mind: ba’s release clause, his ongoing contract dispute over demands for a vastly improved wage and his dodgy knee, well, to be honest, this smacks of being written who does not know their stuff, and as far as I’m concerned therefore invalidates the whole article.