The Beardsley Role?

There is no doubt now, that with regards to Demba Ba and Cisse, two into one won’t go.

It is becoming more obvious the longer the season goes on. The question is, how will our manager deal with it?

Playing them as a 2 does not work.

Playing a front 3 works as long as the players buy into it (how about it Demba?).

If not it means we use one or the other but in what system?

My take on it would be to play one up front (either one, I think they both can do this) then bring Ben Arfa into a central role high up the pitch, as in my opinion he is wasted out wide, especially in a 4-4-2 system. He is not a player who should be dropping off and doubling up on the opposition’s winger. Let him play the Beardsley role and as per the Keegan era, start dropping little bombs in dangerous places.

Then a midfield 3 of Anita on the right, Cabaye centre and Jonas on the left. I think this would make the best use of Anita as for me he is a little lightweight for Full Back or Centre Midfield. This would leave Cheick Tiote to be free to patrol just in front of the defence.  A job we know he is suited for and very good at.

With the back four I would play Santon at right back, Taylor and Coloccini in the centre, with an eye on strengthening here in the January window. I would also give Ferguson a run at Left Back, either until Perch is fit or we try and get Debuchy in, and move Santon across.

This is just my take on it and I do not think there is a snowball in hell’s chance of us lining up in this 4-1-3-1-1 formation but if the Euro lottery were to reach say £500 million and there was only one winner from Wallsend…!!!!

Well we can all dream.

So Alan if you do happen to read this, just pause for a moment and think about it….to everybody else, how would you set the team up?

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  • dj

    agree with benny playing free role with either demba ..(ba at this time) also agree with midfield ….ap def need ball playing leftsided centreback and decent fullback in jan.

  • I agree worth a shot.

    My line up could be simmilar, just drop jonas and play benny between two dembas, just a little bit back., so that they won’t play in one’s area. Fergie and Santon providing the width and crosess into the box.





    ——————————-Ben Arfa—————————


    or if we go with just one striker:





    ————-Ben Arfa———Ba—————-Sammy