It’s always great to see the lads publicly pull together whenever someone is injured, or suspended, or out of form or whatever, but sometimes saying nothing is the better option.

We’ve lost captain Colo for the next three matches and no matter what anyone says, it’s a massive loss especially when all the next five games were regarded as winnable and one thing’s for sure – we’re gonna have to score more goals now to win those games.

Look at the stats and you’ll see what I mean. If ever there was anyone who is always the first name on the teamsheet then it has to be Captain Colo, the man is our rock, our comfort blanket and believe it or not the starting point for most of our offensive play. This is a player who reads the game like Hansen, times his tackles like Moore and distributes the ball like Scholes, he’s a footballing centre half whose first instinct is not to kick the ball 60 yards up the pitch but to run with the ball and distribute to great effect.

Williamson, Taylor and Perch are all better players when they play alongside him and become lost souls without him because he’s also a brilliant organiser with an amazing calming influence.

If you placed a bet on Sunday morning for Newcastle to win their next 5 games then the odds for that particular bet just got considerably longer at 5.30pm on Sunday, so much so the bet that Newcastle will now concede a goal in every game have just about shortened to a dead cert.

As Hansen used to say…If ever I had to make a tackle it was because I’d just had a lapse in concentration.

Tim, we love you to bits but losing Colo is your own worst nightmare, you’ve now got Stevie T and Mike Williamson sat in front of you for the next 3 games and that’s cruel to say the least.

Here’s a quiz question for you Tim. Which Newcastle player has had the most last touches on the ball before it’s ended up in the net past you.

Answer, it’s certainly not Captain Colo and I’m sure you know exactly who I mean.

Good luck in the next three games, I think you’re gonna need it!

What do you think – do you agree with Tim? Will we cope without Captain Colo?

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  • Mr T

    Williamson was outstanding against the mackems and Taylor, I thought, was man of the match against Liverpool. Coloccini has had a brilliant couple of seasons and fully deserves his plaudits but, sorry, he is missing through nobody’s fault but his own. Glad to see Tim getting behind the lads, hopefully most fans will do the same.

    • good to see tim getting behind the lads i agree,but willo and saylor both had a certain captain colo beside them during both games when they played great.sadly without colo they arent half as effective

  • Mal

    Interesting – an article claiming stats prove somebody wrong without actually quoting any stats. Of course we’ll miss Colo but does that mean you have to have a go at our other central defenders? As Mr T says Williamson had an absolute blinder against the mackems – why, like so many others, are you so quick to criticise him when he rarely lets the side down. Taylor puts his body on the line (remember those displays last season when he played in a mask). Perch too will play anywhere for the team. These players and their commitment to the club are priceless. It’s time to get behind them – not pick faults.