Am I missing the point here but it is all agreed surely Coloccini did not touch Suarez but he was still sent off with the normal outrage reserved for Toon players by Sky or the BBC. Instead of picking Suarez up for feigning injury and getting a fellow pro sent off, because he did not touch him, the media chastise him because he intended to foul Suarez.

If Colo meant to hurt him be sure he would have done – he would have hit the standing leg and broken it (as Keane used to enjoy doing) but he withdrew and deliberately missed the player. Kicking thin air is not seriously foul play, not that I was aware of anyway.

Still the Sky anchor man says it is the type of tackle that professionals hate, oh yes one of those tackles that miss the player. No doubt the Liverpool Match of the Day team will take a similar view and hang our curly haired captain from the rafters to deflect attention from the cheat.

I look forward to all these other ‘intent’ sendings off whilst the cheats still prosper. For Liverpool, Suarez may be a great player but a seriously rotten person, he had tried to cheat a penalty earlier in the match.

As for Colo, 3 games on the sideline for kicking air – great.

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  • and the funny thing to all of this is that @therealmichaelowen on twitter took ourr side and defended Colo

  • While I agree with all you say about Suarez and the way the media take great delight in slagging off all things Newcastle in this case I think the ref was right as there was intent to foul which by the laws of the game can be a straight red. It was definitely out of character for Colo and you have to wonder what went on previous as we all know what Suarez is like but that does not excuse the lapse by Colo. When you see it from different angles he meant to take him out. 20 years ago it would not have even been a talking point but these days every little incident is analysed to death. Lets get the 3 games over and get the best defender we have had since Woodgate back in the team.

  • Ajtoon

    Did anyone see sterling try and kick Danny Simpson when Simpson fouled him… Was that an attempt to hurt a fellow professional? Or did everyone seem to miss that.

    • glasshalfempty

      or Gerrard talking the ref out of booking Sterling for the late challenge on Cisse that could of broke his ankle!!

  • Dave2104

    Saurez shouldnt have been playing given his actual contact with the Everton defender last week. Liverpool getting all the referee breaks right now

  • Mr T

    Sterling should’ve definitely been booked at least for his behaviour yesterday but I thought Colo deserved to go. He seemed to be on a mission to try to get Suarez yesterday, couple of times he had a proper go (including one after the ref had already blew for a free-kick for us. Ironic after the Tiote incident!). I think he was just frustrated yesterday, he was being given the runaround and lost his head. As for the impartial ‘punditry’, you gotta love the way they went on about Suarez’s goal like there was only one quality goal yesterday.

  • Fabricio Coloccini is a fantastic player and certainly not a malicious player, but this was out of frustration I believe. We’ve seen it before. He threw an arm in the face of Johan Elmander away at Bolton in 2010 in what was a horrendous afternoon. While the Liverpool game was certainly not like this, it’s possible Coloccini was frustrated about something. Maybe about the goal itself? (which, while great, we should have done better with)