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Like Peter Beardsley At His Very Best

9 years ago

Just like buses, you wait for a decent book on Newcastle United/The North East, then three come along at once.

All three are published by ‘My World’ and come in a pocket sized format (160mm x 124mm) as well as a pocket sized price of £4.95 each.

Each book gives a concise insight into; Newcastle United, our fabulously unique Geordie dialect, then finally, the great City of Newcastle.

It is easy to write a book by just rehashing what’s been done before but these three, small but perfectly formed, mini classics manage to unearth information on all three subjects that I’d never heard before.

They also manage to pack an awful lot into such small packages, a bit like Peter Beardsley at his very best.

Read on for more detailed information and visit The Mag Shop where all three are available at a bargain £4.95 each.

Newcastle United
This History of the club takes the reader step by step through the club’s development, beginning with Newcastle East and West End’s merger, moving through the era of the Edwardian Entertainers, all the way to Kevin Keegan’s great side of the 1990’s and beyond.

Founded in 1892, Newcastle United quickly became one of the greatest clubs in English football.

Along the way great players, matches and successes are highlighted, in an accessible style suitable for football fans of all ages.

From Hughie Gallacher to Alan Shearer, from Joe Harvey to Kevin Keegan, from the glory of Wembley in ’55 to the despair of Wembley in ’99, there’s never a dull moment watching Newcastle.

Newcastle United is perfect half-time reading for Newcastle fans, featuring famous players, great games, fascinating facts and intriguing incidents. Filled with variety, excitement, and no little drama, Newcastle United will make you feel just like you’re watching the match.

Published – Available now
Publisher – My World
Format – 160mm x 124mm
Price – £4.95 – Buy Now 

Author – Richard Callaghan
Richard Callaghan was born in Durham City, and is a devoted football fan. He is the author of more than twenty books. Concerned both with regional and global history, he has written for adults and for a family audience. 

Aal Aboot Geordie
Aal Aboot Geordie is a beuk aboot Geordie language and culture. The book gans reet back te’ arly times te’ find oot where it aal began, se’ torn the pages and tyek te’ find oot aboot the burr, the bairns, the borns and the broon.

Larn hoo te’ tell yer yuff from yer hoff, yer lonnen from yer chare and yer bank from yer laa, as this book gies ye the the laa doon on the toon and mair.

Alang the gate, ye’ll larn aboot wor history ower the yaars and the book hoysin a few Geordie sangs amang the pages for ye te larn.

Aal Aboot Geordie is intended as an informative but light and accessible exploration of all things Geordie, this book examines the origins of the Geordie dialect of Tyneside, through its Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and Dutch roots.

It includes an A-Z glossary of Geordie words along with explanations of the Northumberland burr and topographical words like chare, lonnen, heugh and haugh.

The book examines the Geordie dialect’s relationship to the Scots language and Geordie’s place in a wider European context.

The book includes a table comparing Geordie and north European words including those of Scandinavia.

The two main theories explaining how the word Geordie came about are examined linking its roots to either the Jacobite rebellion of 1715 or the development of a miners’ safety lamp – the Geordie lamp – by George Stephenson in 1815.

Comparisons are made to the neighbouring dialects of Sunderland, Northumberland and Teesside and the book pinpoints the origins of local rivalries within the region.

Some of the best-known Geordie songs are featured in the book including the Blaydon Races, Keel Row, Bonny Bobby Shafto and Cushie Butterfield with an explanation of their origins.

There is a brief history of Newcastle Brown Ale, Newcastle United, the Geordie Netty and some examples of Geordie food.

There are features on the keelmen, a particularly distinct Tyneside community who made a significant contribution to Tyneside culture and an examination of their links to the Tudor and Elizabethan clans called the Border Reivers.

The reiving roots of the Geordie surnames Charlton, Robson and Armstrong are explored in which it is revealed that the region’s passion for football is more than four centuries old.

Published – Available now
Publisher – My World
Format – 160mm x 124mm
Price – £4.95 – Buy Now 

Author – David Simpson
David Simpson is a former journalist and the author of over 30 books on British history, topography and culture. 

His special interest is the North East of England where he has entertained and lectured widely on the subject of dialect and place names.

David has appeared in over a hundred television and radio broadcasts both locally and nationally speaking on the history and culture of the North East.

David is also the author of ‘Aal Aboot Newcastle’ – see below

Aal Aboot Newcastle
Aal Aboot Newcastle explores the history, growth and development of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Newcastle is not your average northern city. Visitors and locals are often surprised by what they find, whether it be the elegance of Grey Street, the unexpected timber-framed merchants’ houses of the 1650s Sandhill, the charming cathedral church of St Nicholas or the magnificent Tyne bridges.

Officially Newcastle has only been a city since 1882 and the home to the beloved Newcastle United for ten years less than that, but both are still affectionately ‘the Toon’ in the hearts of the Geordies.

In truth Newcastle has come a long way from its quayside origins as the town (or toon) that hugged the steeply rising banks of the Tyne for centuries.

The evolution, growth and development of Newcastle is a fascinating story and is explored in this book through the streets and famous buildings.

All of the major suburbs of the city feature in the book from Gosforth and Jesmond in the north, Walker and Byker in the east to Scotswood, Denton, Benwell and Elswick in the west.

Published – Available now
Publisher – My World
Format – 160mm x 124mm
Price – £4.95 – Buy Now 


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