Coming out publicly and saying that he (Alan Pardew) wants Andy Carroll is a bit of a worry.

There’s no way Newcastle United, irrespective of whatever formation Pardew comes up with, can he play Ba, Cisse and Carroll in the same team.

The question then to be posed is; so does the manager know something that we don’t, which one of Ba and Cisse is on his way out???

It would take a major reshuffle to accommodate Carroll and it may even mean Ben Arfa could also be on his way out with Wenger already stating an interest.

All I can say on this matter is…PLEASE PLEASE DON’T BUY CARROLL EVEN IF HE COSTS AS LITTLE AS 10 MILLION, he’s simply not worth it!

Let’s hope this is more misdirection from Pardew and he’s simply trying to put Carroll off before the game on Sunday, fingers crossed!

What do you think about Pardew allegedly wanting Carroll back?

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  • Al

    Of course he doesn’t want him back and Ashley wouldn’t fork out the required cash even if he did. Its just the usual pre-match shi1te – Pardew comes out with a load of pap in advance of any game. He was just giving Carroll and Nolan a little stroke in advance of the game, nothing more nothing less. Speculating about who is leaving to make for for Carroll and then bringing Ben Arfa into the mix as well is mad, even at our football club?

  • RSL76

    Ba wants pay hike, ashley doesnt want to spoil his wage structure, so he will leave imo

  • Carroll looked like the best striker on the pitch today and he hardly troubled us.

  • Mal

    I agree he can’t play Ba, Cisse and Carroll in the same team but I wouldn’t have thought he would even think of doing so. The fact is that, regardless of whether we lose one of our current strikers, we do need another one. I don’t see how it would mean a major reshuffle to accommodate him. Having said that I doubt we’ll sign him anyway – it would be a major embarrasement for Liverpool to sell him back to us and if it was to happen they’d want more money than Ashley would be prepared to pay.