Newcastle United have today announced their sponsorship deal with legal loan sharks Wonga.

Both the club and Wonga have been very vocal in their attempts to portray a deal which will help the community, at a grass roots level. They have also agreed to use the name St. James’ Park, for now.

In an online poll on this website, 91% of supporters claimed that a deal with Wonga would be a step backwards. However, after the announcement was made regarding the naming of the stadium, in another poll asking: Wonga Will Be On The Shirts and St.James’ Park Restored, Is This Positive News? As I write, over 75% have said yes, it was positive news.

Angered as I was when naming rights for our stadium were put up for sale, this deal for me, represents one of the lowest points of the current regime’s reign.

When all of the dust settled on the naming of our stadium, most people continued to call it what they had done for many years. That was tradition, history. Something which could not really be taken away.

Promoting, publicising, getting into bed with a company which makes £59m profit from exploiting people in desperate situations, threatens to tarnish something which cannot be written on the walls of the stadium with a can of paint.

Only £14.99 each – Massive NUFC Range

It is from areas with massive unemployment, like Newcastle, where companies like this choose to aim their high interest loans at. They know people live within very tight budgets and look to take advantage of this. For a look at some facts and figures check out The Guardian’s David Conn’s insightful article.

Make no mistake, Wonga have targeted Newcastle for a specific reason. They want to raise the awareness of their business within our region and want to use our club as a way of raising their profile over Europe.

I want no association with companies like this and will never buy any merchandise with their name on it.  We are selling our soul to the highest bidder here. Football clubs should be looking to help the people in its region, we give enough of our money to them for this to be the case. Instead they are choosing to promote a company which preys on the needy and vulnerable.


  • grumpyoldmag

    Do you watch ITV or boycott it for carrying their adverts? Are they a less moral company than the sponsors of the premiership that you watch every week? Grow up – it’s business

  • Trevor Noseman

    Are they any worse than an alcohol or betting company?

  • anyobrien

    Think the comments below say it all.Standard chartered who sponsor the puddles were acused of money laundering to iran! nowt said all hush hush but we get a loan firm that lends to lets say folk with not much financial wisdom and we are in bed with the devil……..its a fecking joke man.

  • thickendofthewedge

    Ruthless, tasteless and classless. Wonga and Ashley – a marriage made in Heaven.
    What have we ever done to deserve either?

  • jinky jim

    but we were all happy with Newcy Broon on the shirt.

  • Andy Mag

    Sales of replica shirts will plummet.

  • I have to agree with Trevor, alcohol causes more misery than any loan company and yet we were happy to have the blue star emblazoned on our shirts for years. I still have no time for the FCB and his cronies but we have our stadium name back a decent team and stable finances. It’s time to stop blindly being opposed to anything that the current owner does and accept we are in a good spell at NUFC

  • SortModernFootballOut

    Oh modern football. I can’t believe we have people commenting on here saying that this sponsor is completely justifiable.Quite frankly if the naming of the ‘Sports Direct Arena’ was kept the same and ‘Wonga’ also took the sponsorship, the people who are welcoming this horrendous ‘company’ would be crucifying them. They have renamed the stadium back for one reason – so that fools forget what this company actually stand for and dont give the company the stick they deserve. For Newcastle United to be associated with such an awful company that take advantage of those who are forced into a corner is a downright disgrace. Those of you who support this are most probably the type of people who are oblivious to the ever growing prices of match tickets, atrocious atmospheres and everything that is wrong with english football at present. I can’t believe the amount of people that are fooled so easily, and are quite honestly clueless about football and the downward direction that the premier league is heading. All about the money, disregard for the fans. This article is spot on. Some fans need to switch on.

    • grumpyoldmag

      I am completely clued up about everything that is wrong with English football at present and personally have next to no interest in football outside of NUFC as the game of my childhood has been stolen. The name of the ground is irrelevant to me and I don’t welcome this sponsorship in particular as I feel the brand should be worth more than, for example, Hearts and Blackpool but plainly the blue chip sponsors in the market do not agree or we would have sold it for more. I just don’t see the reasons for the weeping and wailing about how terrible this company is. If we are going to get into a discussion about the morals of capitalism in a world where Barclays sponsor the Premiership then I think that’s not a subject for a football forum. Did Northern Rock not take advantage of those who are forced into a corner by loaning to people who could not afford to repay then turning them out of their house when they got into trouble? And perhaps the appropriateness of an alcohol company sponsoring sports teams is a debate we could have had when they paid Keegan’s wages in the ’80s but if we did then I don’t remember it. This company, whether you like them or not, is a legitimate business that no-one is forced to buy any service from. As were S&N breweries in the past.

  • bean

    I think the biggest loser’s might well be PUMA. I don’t buy the tops but my kids get the new ones when they come out. I will not let them run round the streets with Wonga on their shirts (no more would i let them with a name of a bookies or a corrupt African ‘charity’). The only good thing is that if Wonga miss a payment, the sponsorship deal goes up to £100 billion.

  • Heaton Mick

    It’s a shame we haven’t got a more Blue Chip sponsor for the shirts, but I don’t understand the media storm that has been whipped up since yesterday.

    I don’t remember much fuss when Blackpool & Hearts got them as shirt sponsors, in fact when we played Blackpool I assume Wonga was a betting company.
    I also see the press are creating a fuss about the possibility of the Muslim players not wanting to wear the shirts. They’ve already worn Virgin Money & Northern Rock on their shirts- the only difference is the amount of interest they charge!