Club Brugge defender, and Belgian international, Carl Hoefkens has been talking about how the upcoming match at St.James’ Park, having had spells at both Stoke and West Brom, he is a big fan of English football.

Obviously it is a shame that more Newcastle fans can’t be looking forward to a friendly visit to Brugge but there you go!

Speaking to the Club Brugge website, Carl Hoefkens;

“A match against an English team is always special.

Against Birmingham (last season) it hurt to have to watch the match, so I am very pleased this time to play. Many friends are coming to watch and I expect a wonderful atmosphere. 

Newcastle are a different calibre to Birmingham, it is a real club on the up, even though they had their problems in recent times. We are facing a huge challenge.

I remember visiting St.James’ Park with West Brom for a relegation battle and we drew 1-1, Barton scored for Newcastle after a ten game suspension (Hoefkens’ memory not quite right as Newcastle actually won 2-1 with indeed Barton, but also Martins scoring, though both teams ended up relegated).

Newcastle is a real football mad city. There is a special atmosphere that is unique even for for England. Football is the only thing that counts, it is a club with a very rich history.

As there are few clubs in the north of England every match is a big occasion. 

Whatever happens we will receive a warm welcome”.

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