I, like most people, have been hoping for a good sports based sponsor to come along and buy the naming rights to the stadium and immediately carry out a brilliant PR job on the toon faithful by integrating those all important words into the re-naming i.e. …St James

Something like…

The Puma St James Arena

The Adidas St James Stadium

Quite a nice ring to those examples don’t you think!!!



Jesus H Christ…what the hell’s he thinking of now!… Introducing investment from a company that profit from pay day lending with interest rates in excess of 4000% per annum…preying on some of those very people who attend St.James on a regular basis.

Mike Ashley’s wealth has more than quadrupled in the last 2 years and this pretty much mirrors the fortunes of Wonga who from nowhere have popped up to prey on the victims of this long running recession and now have over £40million sat in the bank and are completely debt free…well actually it’s not that difficult to achieve when you’re charging interest rates of 4000% per annum is it!

So not only do we have an owner whose business principles are deemed by many as scurrilous to say the least…it now looks like we could have a shirt/ground sponsor who are happy to poke your eyes out as you enter the stadium whilst extolling the virtues of short term lending at 4000 percent per annum.

There are some supporters who won’t care where the money comes from to keep Newcastle in profit and to keep investment in the team at a level required to keep us competitive but here’s the rub…WE WON’T SEE ANY OF THE MONEY…IT WON’T BE RE-INVESTED IN THE FORM OF NEW PLAYERS…it’s all part of the Ashley grand scheme to improve the balance sheet of Newcastle United ready for being sold off at another fat profit…it’s what Cashley does best…he buys businesses in trouble, he swallows them up and then spits them out…and we’re now nearly ready to be spat out!

We’re being sold down the river and we’re all blind to it because we love the club too much.

This is not good! What do you think?

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  • ash out

    I don’t think Newcastle fans are blind to Mike’s plans. we follow the team as we can’t imagine walking away. I long for the day he walks away but I live in fear of who the new owners will be.

    • Eric W Edwards

      Ashley has no interest in NUFC other than as a profiteering parastic source of profit.

  • Micksimus

    Careful what you wish for… When / if Ashley sells up, we could very easily end up with a Venky’s / Tony Fernandes / Randy Lerner and I for one, would not swap Mike Ashley for any of those owners.
    I hate the idea of WONGA being on the shirt and will boycott any club merchandise bearing their corporate identity. I absolutely despise the idea of us playing at THE WONGA – it actually makes the Sports Direct Arena seem classy!
    But when it comes to Mike Ashley… I think it’s better the devil you know.

  • Im not blind to see it, said from day one when dracula started asking us questions in shearers one afternoon, he came out the cellar, closed the curtains and asked us what we thought of the new owner, I said too early to tell, but he doesnt strike me as a football man, so I was wary, sadly think I ve been proved right

  • grumpyoldmag

    Go on then name me a genuine football man currently owning a top flight club with limitless investment cash available and I’ll be very happy for that man to but us. Sorry what was that? Complete absence of such an individual? So it’s either this businessman or another one then. Fancy citeh or chelski if their businessmen get bored with them? At least if the fat man does sell us we go as pretty much a going concern with few problems. One more question – do 8 year contracts make it more or less attractive to buyers?

  • Toby Greenwood

    I don’t understand why everyone’s so upset! I’ve used sites like Wonga and http://www.wizzcash.com/ before and I completely accept it’s up to me if I take out a loan or not!