Do you want your elbow back Robin?

The statistics from the Newcastle v Man.U. match make interesting reading and show just how badly Newcastle threw the game away.

What came out of Sunday’s match according to BBC Statistics is the following;

Possession                    NUFC 53%     Man.U. 47%

Total Shots                   NUFC 13        Man.U.12

Shots On Target           NUFC  3        Man.U. 9

Corners                          NUFC 8         Man.U. 6

Getting Away With
Elbow In Face
              NUFC 0         Man.U. 1

Experts Can Def Tell
Ball Isn’t Over Line
Despite Identical To    NUFC 0         Man.U. 1
Everton Situation 

So Newcastle ended up with more possession, more shots and more corners by the end of the ninety minutes but nothing to show for it.

This wasn’t a game of two halves, this was a game of the first 16 minutes and then the rest.

I bet the stats for the first 16 minutes would have showed almost total possession for the visitors as well as shots and of course, goals.

The margin of error against the top teams is so much smaller than when you are playing others such as Reading and even Atromitos in the Europa qualifier, if either of them had Manchester United’s predatory instinct we’d be out of the Europa League and have at least two less Premier League points.

When you are chasing the game everything is that much more difficult and players tend to hurry shots and the opposition find that little extra to hold onto their lead.

The visitors had 9 of their 12 shots on target while Newcastle only managed 3 out of 13, summed up the day really.

Moral of the story – be at it from the off and don’t gift two early goals (or else everything else is pretty meaningless)!



  • Eric W Edwards

    Back to the old adage – Manky Utd always get away with it. I cannot really work it out. is it bias on the part of refs – too scared to rule against them at home, scared to award penalties against them home or away, look to give them that extra time no other side seems to qualify for, or just plain overawed or scared of repercussions if refs actually do treat Manky Utd as any other team – fairly? Cannot say much for their away support either. Now that is a difference between us and them despite the fact that we should have won.

    • I think you’re absolutely right. Refs are definitely scared to give decisions against Man U.

      There was a photo doing the rounds on facebook recently which listed three occasions where referees had refereed games where Man U were beaten at Old Trafford and then they never refereed there again. Also, Jeff Winter made a similar point in his auto-biography that he upset Fergie and then didn’t ref another Man U game for a couple of seasons.

      As well as the goal over the line which wasn’t given we also had a blatant penalty turned down in the first half when Evra did a blatant piece of shirt pulling in the box, but in typical fashion Howard Webb didn’t spot it.

  • Sharpie

    We could have 200 corners and not score; our play from set pieces is woeful.

  • Chris

    I thought this gane was a mirror image of the game in January except the opposite way round. This time it was them who got in our faces from the start, hunted our players down in packs not allowing us to settle. Having said that this slow start to games is starting to get beyond a joke, the lack of transfer activity in the Summer is coming home to roost with inadequate replacements for injured players and one or two looking a little too comfortable in their positions with no competition for places. Once again I fear Newcastle have missed an opportunity to advance.