I haven’t laughed so much since the mackems were relegated.

I picked up my usual newspaper and the story was that Steve Harper was hoping to stay in the team even once Tim Krul is fit again!

I don’t like speaking ill of any of our players but I think Harper has been hopeless since been forced off the bench this season.

Goals like those at Reading and Everton when he didn’t even dive, were just not good enough.

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Yes he has made some saves but well you are going to sometimes aren’t you?

Harper was ok at one time but his total lack of ambition in wanting to play football (which is actually what he gets paid for) has seen him stagnate into a shadow of even what he was capable of at one time.

On every level Krul is miles ahead of Harper and we need him back straight away once he is fit to play.

The lack of help Harper gave his defenders at those crucial set-pieces against Man.U. was a massive contribution to that debacle and the least said about his dribble out of the box the better.

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  • What a one sided, bias and bloody stupid article to write one week before our biggest game of the season. To say Harper lacked ambiition because he showed loyalty to the NUFC cause is perverse.
    To try and lay the blame for the first 2 man usa goals on Harper shows a lack of football knowledge by the author. The outfield players clearly allowed the free headers – not Harper.
    I’ve noticed a worrying band wagon getting on Harpers back this season. Unfortunately, every season a section of our support has to have a go at one player. It is clearly now Harpers turn.
    I believe Harper is still a competent keeper and he never lets the team down. Obviously Krul is the better keeper but Harper is an able deputy and he has my full support.
    In the build up to going to 5under1and, lets get behind the players and stop the personal attacks on our own.

  • Gabriel Obertan must be getting the week off…

    No point in this article, sorry. We’re in for an extremely tough afternoon next week where a point would represent a great return, so let’s just get behind the team regardless of who is playing. There is a period coming up where there is plenty of points to gain and to be honest we need as many as we can after such an indifferent start.

  • Andy

    I think you should remove this article – it is offensive, biased and serves no purpose other than to damage the confidence of one of our mosr loyal players. Hopefully, should Steve have the misfortune to read this garbage, he’ll realise that every club has a small minority of idiots.

  • What a complete idiot,Steve harper is the keeper equilvent to Alan shearer a living legend,whiles krul may be a better keeper in terms of loyalty class and dedication,harper is the man.i am sure he will do fine on Sunday.

  • Neil

    Ignoring the fact that I don’t agree with this article, it isn’t even coherent or logical. You are criticising him for wanting to stay in the team and then claim he lacks ambition so you undermine your whole argument. Footballers can’t really win, they get criticised for disloyalty then they get slagged off for being too loyal like Harper. Really poor article. Lee Ryder called – he wants his editorial style back.

  • Mal

    We are all entitled to our opinion but this really is pathetic and pointless – some supporter (if he is one).