Let me get this right.

We put out weak teams in the Europa League to concentrate on the Premiership.

And we want to do well in the Premiership because  …….

We want to be in Europe?

Am I missing something?

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  • travdog123

    It does seem a bit of a cruel circle, another thing I don’t understand is. We fight for Europe yet, when we get there we complain about Europe having effect on our results?? and we use it as a scapegoat every time???

  • Tone Army

    The aim is to compete not win it at the first attempt, if you imagined that we were going to go all out to win the europa cup just because we qualified to play in it then what you are missing is basic common sense.
    lets concentrate on being a formidable prem team before we get premature about winning european cups eh.
    honestly some of the recent whinging, petty & delusional comments coming out of some fans is the kind of uneducated football logic you expect from… well sorry but… Sunderland fans.
    if your looking for instant success then I suggest you start following one of the Manchester clubs, seems to do do the trick for fickle fans who need the bragging rights at work/gym/pub, little or no emotional attachment needed, if however like the best of us are in it for life, through the rough & the smooth, then sit back, & enjoy the ride, the club is in good shape at the min, not ideal by a long way but heading in the right direction.
    We currently have some of the most exciting players ever to grace the turf at SJP, the club is stable financialy, everything is happy in house, get a grip or shut your twisty pyet.

    • Eric W Edwards

      Whatever the game, out of respect for the fans, the club, and the competition, we should always play the best available team. It is the players and managers job after all. Are we going to try for a top position and then moan “Oh no, not European fixtures again”. Or more to the point “Oh no, our squad is not deep enough”.

  • David A

    It does seem a bit counter intuitive but I can see the other point of view. Playing in Europe at the same time as doing well in the premiership is the mark of a good club – it seems very hard to do both. I can see why Pardue is playing a weakened side in the Europa Cup because we don’t have the strength in depth at the moment to compete on all fronts – especially with playing on Thursday nights. I guess if we get to the latter stages he’ll put out a stronger team. For now, I’m just happy to be there after the shambles of 2004-09 and I hope we do well in the Premiership too.