The eight year contract awarded to Alan Pardew has created a lot of interest in the media but for one journalist in particular it has struck home particularly sharply.

Respected Daily Telegraph sports writer, Henry Winter, had previously gone on record at some length to doubt whether Mike Ashley had any intention of backing Alan Pardew long-term.

He even made the fatal mistake of saying  that if Newcastle’s owner made any kind of commitment showing he was committed to Alan Pardew, he would…swim the Tyne.

Winter has used his Twitter account to say the following;

“I honour my bets. I promised to swim the Tyne if Ashley showed long-term loyalty to Pardew. He has, fair play, so time for dip in Tyne.

Thanks for tips on best spot for Tyne dip for SBR Foundation. I know it’s a dangerous tidal river. I’m getting expert advice. It will happen”.

The ‘swim’ (wouldn’t mind seeing the other chap in the image above taking a dip in the Tyne..) is scheduled to take place this Sunday before Winter covers the Manchester United match, fair play to him!

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  • commited to raking in the cash and wasting our potential, our commited to doing the best he can for the club, two very different things, as well as pardews done, hes been forced into u turns, and as padew doesnt come across as an idiot, he must be getting lied to, I know if it was me Id have walked the first time, how does it look to the players when pardew is forced into constantly backpeddling regarding transfers, and keeping our players isnt progress, its standing still.

    • Tone Army

      Keeping our best players is progress, unless we become a top 4 side consistently we will always be vulnerable to loosing our best players if big teams come calling, but that is not ashleys fault, that applies to any club anywhere in any league, so to get upset because the owner might accept an offer on one of our best players if a club comes in with a big offer seems a little petty to me.
      Pardew does seem wise enough to have his own contract clauses too, do you think he would sign up for 8 years of slavery??
      Spit out those sour grapes & take in the sweet taste of Newcastle having a top manager to go with our magnificent stadium to house our loyal fans who turn up to see our exciting young talented squad, which is made possible by our new strict financial strategy… all of these things are they envy of most right minded footbal fans.. what is it your not happy with again??