Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we (West Ham) get to see what the rest of the football world are saying about us and I was horrified to see this headline in your online magazine (\’Allardyce Names Greatest Signing But What About Worst…\’).

Especially bearing in mind, Big Sam the Hammer was only at St.James’ for about 3 weeks (8 months) and he replaced the worst football manager ever!!

Not that I follow you guys very closely but you’re forgetting such wonders as Bramble, Mike Hooper, Boumsong, a 58 year old Sol Campbell and Xicso, that Big Sam didn’t sign.

Like us I guess you have had a bucket load of rubbish players but Sam aint that bad! I can tell you that after watching Grant and Zola for the last few years!!

Say hello to Pars, he’s a great manager, we liked him, as for Demba Demba – top player!

Good luck for the rest of the season but you know the Big Man and Andy are going to whack you boys in a couple of weeks!!

  • I’m a bit surprised that you West Ham Fan’s can put up with him. The way the media makes out you guys are used to watching Barca like football and wont accept Big Sam’s Northern ways!

    We hate him because of the type of football we were playing……. we didnt demand sexy football or you score 3 we score 4 football, we just wantedwinning/successful football. We had an ok start to the season but from Oct to Feb we barely won a game. The best stat (because he loves them) from the Big Sam era was the worse ever Premiership side Derby were 2 mins away from doing the double over us. (ended up getting 4 of their 11 points from us, and there one and only win was against us!)

    If we hadn’t have sacked him thenwe would have definitely been relegated. Which made the Big Sam inspired media line even more galling to take “Had they not sacked Big Sam they would never have been relegated!”

    If you guys are happy with him then fair enough.

    I’m just surprised he doesn’t get the floodlights to point at himself!

  • Al

    I am also surprised. Given West Ham’s heritage, Ron Greenwood will be turning in his grave at the thought of “Big Sam” at the helm.

  • Mala

    Mr Hammer, thanks for the comments, but im afraid u r wrong about big Sam. He was a disaster here, and the Mackems away from home summed him up, we were so defensive with Alan Smith almost as an extra centre half to counter K Jones, and we got a snappy draw, his % based football is awful and i hated going to the match with him in charge. Good luck to you this season, apart from in a couple of weeks, i always luved the trip to upton park and a pint in the Boleyn

  • Sharpie

    I am going to have to take issue with a number of the points made above. It’s nothing personal (well it is, it’s driven by my vehement dislike of Big Sam Allardyce, hereafter BSA) but I feel I should make the following points:

    1) You call Roeder the “worst manager ever”. He’s certainly not the best and I know a lot of Hammers fans still blame him for your relegation in 2003. That said, from what I can remember he was dealing with personal health problems at the time. His spell at Newcastle is best summed up by that period between March and May 2007 when everything at NUFC went to dross. It was obvious that the players weren’t playing for him any more but he (as many other Toon managers before him experienced) rarely got the opportunity to put out his best eleven due to injuries. Peter Ramage and Paul Huntington were regular starters and this, with greatest respect to both players, tells you all you need to know. Out of his depth, but not the worst manager ever.

    2) BSA’s first signings as Newcastle manager included: Geremi, David Rozehnal, Mark Viduka, Jose Enrique, Joey Barton, Alan Smith, Cacapa (yeah, exactly), Abdoulaye Faye and Habib Beye. Of those players, only Enrique and perhaps Beye could be said to have enhanced their reputations whilst on Tyneside. Smith’s effectiveness as a footballer unfortunately ended when he broke his leg at Man Utd and he did little for us apart from picking up cards at a rate only Cheick Tiote has ever matched.

    3) Although we started the 07-08 season well, the wheels came off massively in the autumn and the quality of football we were playing was dreadful (I cite a 0-1 reverse at Derby County, probably one of the worst games of football I’ve ever seen). A conservative unattacking approach is all very well if you’re tight at the back, but we weren’t (we gave 4 goals to Portsmouth, 3 to Liverpool and Blackburn. That team was a shambles. Away matches were kind of a groundhog day that season, play badly, create nothing, lose (apart from Fulham, where we managed a 1-0 win). Derby took 4 points from us (my maths says thats roughly 35% of their total for that season).

    4)West Ham have always played attractive football on the deck. This is not what BSA does and never has. His teams lump it long to a big striker who knocks it down for a predatory player to get on the end of. They will lob throw ins and set pieces in to a big lad. It may be effective (it wasn’t at Newcastle because he didn’t have the players to make it work) but it’s very ugly. Weren’t WHUFC fans chanting “we play on the floor” last season? Would BSA still be there if you hadn’t gone up?

    5) BSA always comes across as extremely arrogant for someone whose achievements in the game aren’t that amazing. Notwithstanding the “Inter Milan” comments (he may have been misquoted or the comments taken out of context) if you’re going to act like that, you need to have something to back it up. Thank God he never got the England job, he’d have set us back yet another 5 years with his “hoof it long” style of play. Emphasis on statistics, fitness, whatever is all very well but you need technical ability to play good football and this is something that BSA has never appreciated. 10 years ago he was a forward thinking coach; now with young managers playing good, technical football (Rodgers, Martinez, AVB), coaches like BSA and Martin O’Neill are just an anachronism.

    • ambler

      Couldn’t have put it better myself! excellent writing. If Old Harlow Hammer would be kind enough to give us an update at Christmas when the honeymoon is over, West Ham are around 14th and the must not loose, lump it to Carroll (if he is not injured) philosophy reality has kicked in.