Roy Hodgson made the headlines this week when he discussed his selection policy with random cockneys on the underground.

Obviously this was quite shocking….the revelation that Roy’s preferred mode of transport is the tube!

While England candidates at St.James’ park might be a bit thin on the ground, surely we have a stand out in Steven Taylor who should be a certainty to get into the squad sometime this season if he stays fit.

After the disgrace of Fabio Capello NEVER finding his way to the north east in four years, I just hope that the FA haven’t blown all their money on paying off the Italian waster and poor Roy’s travels aren’t limited to a season ticket on the underground!

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I actually find it quite endearing that Hodgson chooses to travel with a the general public, I find it hard to envisage Fabio or Sven doing the same. I hope as well that he isn’t put off being a man of the people by scum who can’t wait to run off and repeat (and embellish) whatever tittle tattle they might pick up when somebody in a position of power happily chats away to them.

Looking at the England squad just announced, they have picked four centre-backs in Lescott, Cahill, Shawcross and Jagielka. Personally, I don’t see any of them as better than Steven Taylor and would rate him higher than at least Jagielka on what I’ve seen of him this season.

I suppose the fact that Roy has now even picked a Geordie (Fraser Forster) in the wastelands even further north than the Tyne suggests he will be keeping an open mind on his options.

Watch this space.

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  • thickendofthewedge

    And how about Jenkinson the rookie Arsenal right back being picked ahead of last years top performing right back in the Premier League – our Danny?
    Isn’t this symbolic of the reason why many Toon fans, including me, have no interest at all in the England team?

    • john hill

      true, mate…I dont bother with england anymore…havent watched one of their games for a few years.

  • andy

    Some of the players in the squad recently have been no better than Arsenal and Tottenham reserves – with only a few Premier appearances between them – I know our side isn’t blessed with loads of English lads, but those who are in are playing for one of the top teams in the country and should be judged as so with appropriate recognition

  • Eric W Edwards

    With Hodgeson in charge it is the end of the line for a number of players let alone those who deserve to be on board but will not be chosen. I am pleased for Forster of course but why cannot Steve Taylor be given a chance? Apart from that I reckon Tavernier may be worth a look in a season or two by England?

    • Tone Army

      I am quite happy for them to ignore our players, less chance of them picking up unwanted injuries.