Once again it’s crept up on us…the local derby against our ‘friends’ down the road.

I’ll be honest, I never look forward to them. The thought of defeat is just too much to bear and the knot in my stomach on derby day tells me there is something different about this fixture.

No matter how often I tell myself it’s only three points and in the context of a full season it doesn’t count for much, deep down I know it’s so much more. I tend to view the fixture as one that we need to just get out the way, and move on from.

The problem is that if we lose, which thankfully is very rare, you just know that our rivals will make so much more of it…’top dogs’ and all that.

Thinking back, I’ve enjoyed some great times at this fixture over the years. Going back to my first trip in 1977 when we came from 2-0 down to snatch a draw with a cracking free kick from Tommy Craig and a late goal from Paul Cannell – right up to last season’s victory with a cracker from Ryan ‘over the wall’ Taylor.

There’s been plenty of highlights in between, too numerous to mention it has to be said. If you ask most Mags’ favourite moment at this fixture it will be Liam O’Brien’s free kick under Keegan and it’s difficult to argue against that.

I once got into conversation with the keeper from that day (name escapes me…) and asked if he saw it and he said, “yes, when it hit the back of the net’.

For me however,  the previous season when we drew 1-1 with a young side made up of largely local lads was my favourite. O’Brien again with a delicate chip from the edge of the box to equalize, emotional!

Howay then, what’s your favourite moment?

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  • jimbob

    think you’ll find that it was liam. andy played under sbr

  • Ben Owers

    My uncle scoring for Newcastle! Whilst wearing a Sunderland shirt :’)
    My worst memory was walking into town after the 3-2 in 2005 (I think?) And getting abuse from Newcastle fans because I had ‘Owers’ on the back of my toon top.
    It’s my surname as well, arseholes!
    (Like to point out as well, he’s probably been to more Newcastle games home and away than the majority of them)

  • Reading the first three paragraphs of this article is probably the strongest I’ve ever agreed with someone. I too only look forward to getting these games out of the way. You can only enjoy them once the game is finished (unless you’re 5-1 up, but those days are special…)

    As for my favourite memory, the first time I remember beating sunderland was when Dabizas headed in in front of our fans. 0-1. That was pretty special. We were second in the league at the time and everything was looking pretty much perfect in the world of Newcastle United.

    As for the worst…Richardson’s free kick in our relegation season. It was devastating because we were absolutely second best that day and deserved it. It hurt badly.