A local company has withdrawn their planned corporate hospitality at Newcastle United following the sponsorship deal with Wonga.

MyMoneyPa.com have cancelled their booking for the Newcastle United v Manchester City fisture and shifted it to the reverse fixture at the Etihad scheduled for the 30th March next year.

The company’s managing director, Glenn Morrill, is a lifelong Newcastle fan and has expressed his, “extreme disappointment”, that the club he loves has signed a deal with such a firm.

MyMoneyPa.com have further stated;

‘We remain steadfast in our position and will not conduct business with the club whilst Wonga are involved. We plan to develop the service next year to assist in educating people on managing their finances so they can stay away from payday lenders, so any affiliation with Wonga, however tenuous, made our hospitality with Newcastle United untenable’.

Incidentally, the company were using the corporate hospitality to promote their business to fans and are giving away four pairs of tickets for sample corporate hospitality and you can enter here to stand a chance of winning a pair (plus cash) for that Manchester City v Newcastle United match next March.

  • thickendofthewedge

    Has this deal really been worth all the bad feeling and negative publicity it has generated?

  • Al

    I fully understand Glenn Morrill’s dilemna – and he could teach Mike and Decca a thing or two about PR too, I had never heard of MyMoneyPa till I read this

  • Munich Mag

    Good publicity for the lad and his company, also coming from The Mag. ;-) His company probably gives money away for free ? :-)

  • grumpyoldmag

    So s company that takes commission from companies who provide financial services decides to generate unprecedented levels of publicity out of this deal….. Very altruistic

  • MyMoneyPA

    Just to put the record straight – we don’t take commission from financial services companies. If someone clicks through and buys a product or service we get a small fee from the ‘best’ product provides as researched by others such as Which. These could be a retailer, mobile operator, utility or financial services company. Our service is free and puts the consumer in control, we don’t sell products just provide a service. We decided that rather than spend our marketing budget with agencies we would give it to our customers in a free draw for corporate hospitality…putting the consumer first.