On behalf of their Belgian counterparts, Northumbria Police have passed on the information that any Newcastle fan found near the Jan Breydel Stadium on match day (8th November) will be arrested if they don’t have a ticket.

The Belgian Police are urging fans not to travel at all if they don’t have a ticket but that is all a bit late after thousands of supporters have already committed to travel and accommodation before learning NUFC had only been allocated 1,470 tickets.

Commissioner Rudy Saron of Brugge Police has also confirmed that no tickets for any part of the ground will be sold after November 5th.

Predictably the Belgian cops have also made clear any Newcastle fan found in the home sections will be chucked out.

Finally, they have also helpfully pointed out that fans should have their passports with them at all times as anybody found without official photographic identification is liable to be arrested.

Welcome to Belgium!

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  • Sean

    Wow who would of thought getting treat like a normal human being would be so difficult. Your English, your a football fan – You cant be a tourist, you must be a hooligan. Joke

  • thumper

    is this not an infringment of human rights set out by the eu on the freedom of movement within eu classified states……….

  • TlrNUFC

    Shocking treatment, we haven’t had hooliganism problems for years but still get regarded as the worst of the worst, be different if the fans were from any other country.

  • pedro1969

    surely that is illegal?

  • Harry toon

    They must have a lot of prison cells……..