Love and respect him as I do, at times Alan Pardew goes a little bit too far.

When he speaks positively about some of our players, the manager can go way too far in terms of bigging them up and trying to give certain individuals that little extra confidence and belief to bring them on. Pardew occasionally goes too far and turns it into a negative as many fans just think ‘hold on, I watched that match/player and I’m not daft’.

It is a bit like some parents with their kids, you sit there happily listening to them telling (bragging) you how well they are doing at school, sport, or whatever…then you think ‘hold on, surely this child prodigy equivalent of Lionel Messi/Stephen Hawking would have made the papers by now’.

Over to Alan Pardew speaking after last night’s match to the Chronicle;

“Gabby is only being kept out by the form of Ben Arfa.

He has been unlucky, he’s been terrific in the last two games in Europe.

He frightens teams and puts them on the back foot. Last year he played in a lot of games when we avoided defeat.

Teams are worried about his pace, he is unlucky not to be in the team”.

Obertan pushing Ben Arfa…..I hope it’s not down the stairs!

If I turned up and saw Obertan instead of Ben Arfa in the team I’d not be a happy man.

Obertan is (certainly) no better or worse than he has always been for us. He runs up and down the pitch hardly ever taking his man on, simply passing the ball/buck to somebody else, a bit like last night actually!

Yes he took his goal well but Sammy Ameobi did all the hard work and it was a clear path to goal for ‘Gabby’, to either hit or miss.

Against the European opposition he’s managed to make a goal (v Bordeaux) and score one, plus he won a few corners in both matches, that is it.

I really hope he does become a star in stripes but my eyes don’t tell me that is remotely ever going to happen.

With Hatem Ben Arfa I have seen magical moments that are right up there with the very best memories of the last forty years and I dream of seeing more every time I walk up the hill to St.James’ Park.

I don’t need to be given nightmares thinking that Alan Pardew could inflict Obertan regularly on us if Ben Arfa has a few average matches.

  • Dunk

    I just see it as another case of Pardew’s ‘clever’ man management skills, he’s bigging him up in the press saying he is THIS close to a start in the prem, but in all reality as long as HBA stays fit then he will be on the bench. Based on last nights performance Sammy took a few steps up the pecking order. Sadly, i don’t think Marveaux will turn out to be much use, he looked promising before getting injured v Everton last season.

  • JohnnyBGood

    What a load of rubbish, Obertan has been one of our best players in Europe so far and he seems to be getting better and better. I really hope he can push to become a regular starter in the league too with his pace. I think you must have been watching a different game last night.

  • GeordieSpirit

    Another article written by someone who got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning. So Obertan is not as good as Ben Arfa… who is.
    Let’s leave the lad alone – he’s put in some good displays in Europe.

  • Sal

    Clear path to hit or miss? Give over man, he made the run and he finished off the best chance of the game. Cisse didnt manage to bury any of his chances.

    Obertan beat his man on a number of occasions last night, won a few corners, scored a goal and worked hard – What more can he do?

    There is no way he should play ahead of HBA (there are less than 10 players in Europe that I would have ahead of HBA) but I think Jonas needs to be doing a lot more going forward, especially at home.

  • Dan

    Garbage article.

  • Ballerfan2

    Someone else wearing blinkers. Obertan was all over the pitch last night showing instant control of difficult passes, vision for a pass himself, great skill on the ball as well as murderous pace none of which the Belgians had any answer for. He has been open to criticism in the past but last night he was the best player on the pitch by a distance – and yes Sammi and Fergi were great too but not so consistently so as Gabi. Give him some credit when deserved. You say you really hope he becomes a star in stripes – your article indicates that you are not prepared to give him that chance.

    • Mal

      Well said

  • brad

    obertans first touch last night was brilliant, as was his dribbling and pace, lacking a lot in the final ball but he took the goal well and that’s what matters looking at the result.

  • MickyG

    Obertan doesn’t take on his man as much as could because few in our team have the pace to keep up and support him, but needs to be a bit more direct on occasion. People are forgetting he was in the team last year in each game during our unbeaten run at the start of the season. He needs more game time to give him the confidence and is certainly a good option for us, especially helping in defence as Simpson is sometimes exposed by HBA not tracking back. Played well last night and deserved his goal

  • Dave

    Utterly clueless, Obertan is one of a few players that we have who can, and does beat his man on regular occasions.
    His delivery / final ball is what needs work, not beating his man.
    Do you even watch the games?

  • It looked like he played on both sides of the pitch last night so a possible replacement for gutierrez for next match against west brom would not be a bad move at all..

  • grumpyoldmag

    i could not make it last night but against atromitos he was easily our best player yet i still heard folk slagging him off after the match. i am not a great fan of his but think he is ok and getting better but i think some people have made their mind up already……

  • Sean

    Really terrible piece of writing. I’ll try and respect your opinion but it seems based on absolutely nothing but dislike for Obertan, when his pace has always given us an extra dimension since day 1 that he arrived at the club (we have no one else like this at the club) and what was lacking is exactly the areas that he has obviously put in work on this summer. Better ball control, better decision making and more direct play near and around the box. Also beats his man far more often and I think he can feel legitimately disappointed not to be rotated into the Premier League team at this point in time. He still need to work on his crosses though, but then again the lack of movement in the box doesn’t help any of our wide players.