Look around you at the match, it is very likely that in eight or nine years time you’ll still be looking at the same faces, give or take a baldy head or two!

In an article in the Chronicle today, there was a discussion about how much money that fans pay through the turnstiles and it brought out the statistic that 3 in 5 of the fans inside the ground have signed up on the ten year deal.

The head of Newcastle United ticketing, Stephen Tickle, was quoted;

“We’ve probably 30,000 people on 10-year price freeze deals. So there is no point in changing the price by say 10% for everyone else. Getting people through the door is more important than that”.

You would hope that the club can build on the stability of tens of thousands of people indicating that they are in it for the long haul, supporting Newcastle United is a life sentence!

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  • Hoppington

    I sit in the Leazes west corner, had a season ticket there for 17 years now and I’d say up until the year we went down it was 60-70% the same people as when i first started sitting there. Even now I’d say at least 40% are the same face from 18 year ago. I’d say most of the faces i don’t see anymore didn’t pack it in for football reasons, mostly because of stupid kick off times and the recession. As for Mr. Ashley, he certainly has done a lot wrong in the past but at the moment with the whole free junior magpies pack i heard about and the 10 year price deal and the cup prices, I’d say he is getting the ticket prices etc about right. Although the whole keegan, shearer etc debacle was horrendous, I think he has learnt fast and he is building the right way. I still don’t like him but we could certainly have worse people running the club. Oh and i wish he’d bring Chris Moat back and get rid of that lying llambias.

  • anyobrien

    Have had my seat now in the east stand fomerly the benches for 23 years.Would echo hoppintons commets that most of the faces are the same and the ones who have left or now ticket share are mainly down to finacial reasons rather than football ones.

  • Mal

    Why haven’t the other 40% signed up?

  • raekwon_3

    Well! ive never been to a game and it would be nice to go for once and i dont think any long life ticket holder could argue that with another NUFC fan, been supporting them for about 15 years now which is not as long as most fans but i should be able to get tickets without having to save for 2 months for one game.. love watching the toon on tv and will continue to support no matter what!