I’m sure I’m not alone in suggesting that I would like to have seen one or two more faces at Newcastle this summer, however the bigger picture has to be considered.

Have we lost a Ba, Cisse, Cabaye, Tiote or Colo? No we haven’t! With the exclusion of ‘that release clause’ we would have all suggested a value of around £15-20 million each (give or take). If Mr Ashley was so keen to recover his losses I’m pretty confident that he would have cashed in on at least one of these assets. After all did this team not just finish 5th?

So to satisfy the football manager fan we should sell a couple of these stars and sign a whole new team of unproven continental players? We must remember that the club signed Cisse on the basis that the cards fell right for us. Who’s to say come January we won’t sign a couple of our ‘summer targets’.

I also want to say that given the right rotation this squad does have a chance. Don’t get me wrong, the sight of Obertan makes my blood boil but if this guy can remember his biggest asset is his pace, and use it, he could be a useful squad player.

Finally, I think I speak for about 80% of fans who are praying that Pardeola adopts a 4-3-3 this season. We were fantastic at the end of last season and we have been slow in our games already when starting 4-4-2.

Heads high, at least we didn’t pay £15million for Steven Fletcher!

(This article was in response to  More Depressed Than When We Went Down... posted on the website in the last few days that has caused a bit of a stir)

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  • glasshalfempty

    gate receipts, sponsorship (albeit of the free blue and red kind mainly) and TV money for starters must give us some finance to play with?? Another 12 months on from being desperate for a centre half and nothing has changed, other than Perchinio has probably swayed the heirarchy’s thoughts on that one. But we are in the same boat if STaylor or Colo get crocked. We have lost 2 covering strikers with no replacement too. Given how long we have had to prepare for these eventualities it is hugely disappointing in that respect. Thankfully we have kept hold of our main men but the fact the first 11 picks itself does not bode well for “competition for places” and rotation in Europe and the domestic cups. I’m sure Ba didn’t want to play 90 minutes on Thursday but what was our alternative? Before anyone jumps down my throat I’m not advocating ridiculous last minute deals for average players – but surely there is at least one centre half and striker of decent quality and within our financial structure that could have been targeted and brought in months ago. Or are other clubs now just going to ask for top whack as soon as NUFC come calling in order to put us off?

    • brin

      Totally agree with glasshalfempty…any injuries and we are stuffed. Please dont tell me about the youngsters we bought or have. For God sake we finished 5th,close to 4th. We should not be a middle of the table side…50,ooo gates,the money ,the side…we could have been great. Once again i mention loan signings if nothing else…
      And please say nobody thinks January will be diffrent…Ashley sticks two fingers up at the supporters
      And if he is wanting to sell..surely easier to sell 4th in the table, and CHAMPIONS LEAGUE than midtable or worse

  • JR

    Thats what I like. Positivity. Too many are complaining we have not strengthened. The fact is we have not sold any key players and our team will be strengthened by having had a season together. A settled team is a recipe for success – providing you have the right players. We proved last season we have the right players. On another positive note we have not bought any Donkeys!

  • Big Al.

    Last season we struggled at times to make a full bench-this season we have less players
    and come January half our team buggers off to Africa.Fat ash said that we need to balance books-well we`v done that and now we`r supposed to be grateful that the parasite hasn`t sold our top players-what planet are you on??? A few years ago Freddie got cold feet and did n `t buy/strengthen our squad, it took us from being in a great position to move forwards and the rest is history.. Now I dont want the days of stupidity to come back but 2-3 decent players to give us a squad isnt a lot to ask for especially after he`s pocketed another years money/slashed the squad and we are no longer in a terrible position. As for the squad and the glut of youngsters coming through-an average performance against a poor team mid week shows that only a few of them are any where near ready for first team action. If all the first team can stay fit and we can persuade all our Africans to ditch the African nations cup we`r laughing-sadly thats not going to happen. Bring on the free transfers… No I`m not being negative-I`m simply not as blind and /or stupid as some people/supporters.

    • OhSholaAmeobi

      We only lose either tiote or ba & cisse for ACON, if it’s tiote we’re covered, if it’s ba and cisse we have plenty of time in january to buy a striker. agree that a full back/centre half and a young striker would have been perfect, injuries will uncover a lack of squad depth, but injuries at any time has a bad impact for any team. Hopefully january will see £10-12m spent on the positions mentioned.

      • Mr T

        Plenty of time in January?! We’ve just had 2 and a half months and we couldn’t sign the right back we’d been in talks with all that time. I’m by no means a pessimist but I’m disappointed we haven’t signed someone who is ready to challenge the first team straight away apart from Anita. I think the club’s taking a massive gamble here but time will tell.

  • thickendofthewedge

    glasshalfempty – you forgot last years Premiership placing money and the new Virgin sponsorship cash. Ashley is taking us for a ride and too many people are just happily accepting it. I often think we just get what we deserve really.

    • glasshalfempty

      …probably made some cash out of the Olympic matches too and I forget the extra tenner season ticket holders were charged for the pointless membership scheme, then there will be the latest Euro strip which in my opinion we shouldn’t be wearing for home games but obviously another marketing ploy…oh, and the additional quid if you want an away ticket. He’ll be charging us for a half time piss soon enough too no doubt

  • Alex

    No 10.55pm offers for Shola, then.

  • rory

    Thank you! people need to see that the squad is much better than what we could be for the typical selling club (which like it or not we are) sure we have lost players but more importantly we haven’t lost any first team players yet we have gained some exciting new prospects without blocking the chances of our promising youth’s!

    • Gazza

      Should sign the streaker he ran all over the pitch ,no one got near him and he’s got balls pmsl