The Premier League require all EPL clubs to name a 25 man squad eligible to play this season, Newcastle could only manage to name 22 and that included Xisco!

Each side contains no more than 17 players who do not fulfil the home grown player criteria, while rules state the remainder of the party must be home grown, this does not include under-21 players.

These are the 22 that Newcastle managed to name;

Amalfitano, Ameobi, Anita, Ba, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Cisse, Coloccini, Elliot, Gosling, Harper, Gutierrez, Krul, Marveaux, Obertan, Perch, Simpson, R Taylor, S Taylor, Tiote, Williamson, Xisco

Taking out the three goalkeepers and our Spanish ‘striker’, then deduct the injured Tiote, Shola and Perch, for the Villa match we had 15 available senior outfield players. Plus if I’m honest, out of those fifteen that were available I would very much not like to see Williamson, Obertan or Gosling starting matches – unless they show something they haven’t as yet.

So maybe no surprise then that even though Newcastle were at anything but their best, Alan Pardew didn’t make any tactical substitutions, only the enforced Bigirimana one due to Simpson’s injury and a couple of token ones in the closing minutes.

How on earth anybody can kid themselves that this squad is strong enough, especially Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew.

  • GeordieSpirit

    Everybody is on their high-horse these days. We did not sign the players we wanted – get over it!
    It is what it is. Just get behind the lads who are pulling the shirt on every week. We can’t change what goes on behind the scenes. We know we need a bigger squad, but we don’t.

    • GeordieBri

      ……And why on earth have they named Ryan Taylor?…..he’s out for the full season!

  • Dont_talk_tosh

    Ah but there’s news we’re in for Ince in January :) (Couldnt make up this bs if you tried)

  • GeordieBri

    …..And where is the logic in naming Ryan Taylor?……when he is obviously out for the full season……EeeeeJittttts !

    • GeordieSpirit

      What if Ryan Taylor was fit and ready for the the last half dozen matches – extremely possible – we would like right mugs if he was not named in the squad – especially when we have spare spaces anyway!!

  • Rob Brown

    “How on earth anybody can kid themselves that this squad is strong enough, especially Mike Ashley and Alan Pardew.”
    “This Squad” is the same squad that finished 5th last season. We didn’t lose any decent players (with the possible exception of Guthrie who we replaced with Anita) plus we have youngsters like Vukic, Ferguson, Tavernier, Campbell, Abeid, Ameobi, and even Ranger, then there are the new guys – Good, Bigirimana and Amalfitano.
    While we possibly did not get the players that we needed, or to be more accurate “wanted”, we are certainly in much better shape than we were last year, even if its simply by virtue of all those youngsters being a year older.
    It’s not a caase of if the squad is stong enough – it certainly is, it’s more of a case of if the squad can overperform like it did last season.

    • Michael

      James Perch and Ryan Taylor both got injured in the Europa League. Remind me, how many of our players got injured in the Europa League last season?

      No doubt we have a stronger set than last season, even if it is just slightly. The problem is we have more games this season and even last season we struggled at times with the depth of our squad.

      We had to play James Perch & Ryan Taylor here, there and everywhere. Luckily for us they came good, but it just shows we needed more players, even without the extra games.

  • Kevin L

    What Ashley is doing; he’s happy being mid-table, knows he will never have the squad for a top four place and/or will never invest in decent players to achieve a place in Champions league! Why? Well why should he? With no investment reducing profit,, being constantly safe mid-table with full stadium at home games, plus all the free advertisement on match days for Sports Direct, is a sure fire no risk economic strategy to make money. After all he is a business man, and this season looks like it’s going to be a long slog for us all!

  • Can we add another three in January to make up the 25? So Xisco is in on age only?
    We have not even got a coalmine to shout down anymore. We must back the lads to the hilt but nobody can say we did not see Ashley make sure this was coming.

  • Ballerfan2

    We are stronger now than the squad that finished 5th a few months ago so stop behaving like a spoilt child.

  • 22 players, huh? Same as Citeh then? 3 more than Everton! 2 more than Liverpool. I could go on!