I don’t want to worry anybody but half the world (those who live on Tyneside anyway) seems to have already booked travel for the Club Brugge match.

Easily the most accessible of the three group away matches, people were booking planes, trains and automobiles as soon as the draw was made.

Nothing beats European away trips and those that have been there already are itching to relive past adventures, while European ‘virgins’ cannot wait to see if the reality can match the numerous tales from time-served regulars.

The continental trips are brilliant but not quite the same if you don’t have a ticket…

Anybody who was around at the time will remember the shameful club policy under the Halls & Shepherds where they tried to force fans to travel only on club trips to maximise profit, you couldn’t buy tickets via NUFC to travel under your own steam, so no choice of booking your own more adventurous and/or cheaper package.

That didn’t stop myself and thousands of others, fans picking up tickets through independent companies running trips and providing tickets….in the away end.

The likes of Bilbao and PSV saw hundreds/thousands of Mags going undercover and operating under a ‘Great Escape’ style mode, keeping your gob shut in case you got refused admission or were chucked out. Thankfully these fears went largely unfounded and it added to the whole experience, though I hardly think the respective police forces would be too impressed if this was revisited.

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Back to the present day and there was never going to be any great problems with access to tickets for the match in Athens and this Thursday in Madeira, no organised trips and difficult/expensive to get to.

Which then brings us to our trip to Belgium, Club Brugge have a capacity just under thirty thousand and averaged over twenty five thousand in their not particularly glamorous league, I’m anticipating that it is going to be sold out.

We’re still waiting to see how Newcastle United approach the issue of selling tickets for what is obviously a trip many thousands of Newcastle fans are desperate to make. Despite being less than enthusiastic in the selling of Premier League away tickets I really hope they embrace the excitement of matches like this and help as many fans get there as possible, especially with so many booking travel already.

Last October Birmingham played away at Brugge in the group stage and were allocated a reported 5,600 (some reports say 5,400) tickets, though many more making the trip didn’t manage to get one.

It would be a real positive if Newcastle United could get the ticket details out early and take as many of them as possible, we’ll asked the club for details and are awaiting a reply.

We’ll update you as soon as we know and hopefully five thousand plus of you will be going on a Belgian adventure…with a ticket.

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  • Bertie

    How many did you take to Greece?

    • Mkeats

      Take it your a bin dipping mackem with nothing better to do with your 15 minutes of Internet time down the social. I’ll put you staright shall I. No direct flights from NEWCASTLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ( also serves less affluent areas around the region) so the cheapest option was from heathrow (that’s down in London town by the way). Cost £490 return. So the whole trip including flights to heathrow, flight to greece, transfers and return flight back to Newcastle came to £800. Now even a lazy mackem layabout stinking of BO and lynx Africa will have to admit that’s quite a bit for 1 nights football for a qualifier with an unheard of team. Come back back on pal after the Brugge and Bordeaux games pal