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Newcastle United – Europe For All?

8 years ago

Still can’t believe it, booked up for Brugge with all my mates a week ago and today I find out from your website that there will only be 1,470 of us in Belgium, well in the away end anyway.

I’ve got a half decent number of away points, same as most of my mates, and an away trip that was achievable in terms of money and distance – then this!

If we’d got three or four thousand I reckon I would have been ok and when we knew Birmingham had got five and a half thousand tickets last season, why would we think we would be treated any different.

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The European Union are down on them like a ton of bricks when somebody tries to sell a pound of apples or the wrong shaped bananas…but when it comes to thousands of people paying out on now largely useless travel and digs they couldn’t give a one.

Obviously like most of the rest of you I’ll still be going for a lads away trip on the hoy but we could have done it for less than half the price if it had just been some random time of the year.

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I’ve heard rumours that there isn’t a hotel room to be had in Bruges now and that their local tourism office are expecting around ten thousand to travel, well if they think these people are just going to be happy to sit at home and to have lost their money then they’ve got another thing coming.

Instead of the vast majority of travellers having at least 3 or 4 hours off the drink travelling to the ground and back and watching the match, you’ll have the vast majority staying in the town centre getting tanked up and not particularly happy that they couldn’t get a ticket.

The whole things stinks.

The draw was nearly three weeks ago, so if they didn’t want any repeat of whatever might, or might not, have happened when Birmingham visited, what has changed from the day the draw was made?

The only difference is that thousands of fans have tried to get the best travel & accommodation deal to make the trip possible in these tough times.

My bet is that they were more than happy to take the money off the Birmingham fans when the total crowd was 23,936 last season, without the Birmingham fans you would have only have had around 18,000 in the ground.

However, (and I’m not getting carried away with us, honest) I reckon they see Newcastle as a bigger draw and tickets have been selling so well that they think they can fill it with their own fans.

Whatever the truth, what I do know is that it is a disgrace that the authorities have allowed this to happen, next thing you know the people running football will award the World Cup to somewhere in the middle of a desert where nobody lives….

If you would like to feature like David on our/your website, get writing, ‘The Blog’ is where we profile contributions from anybody who has something to say.

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