Following Nile Ranger’s arrest in the early hours of Sunday at his ex-girlfriend’s house, he has been given an appropriate trial date of 5th November.

Ranger has been accused of criminal damage and appeared today at Enfield Magistrates.

He was handed strict bail conditions and cannot contact his ex-girlfriend and strict bail conditions will only allow to enter Enfield once and that will be when he is escorted by a police officer to collect his car.

The court has ordered that he must sleep each night at his (unfortunately) Newcastle home.

Surely we must be well past the point of believing there is any chance of Ranger ever becoming of any use to Newcastle United, with each additional arrest and subsequent court appearance there doesn’t appear to be a single piece of contrition or apology for dragging Newcastle’s name into the gutter yet again.

We have seen plenty of players in recent years who were quite happy to take the money without really caring whether they got onto the pitch or not.

Surely though while the club were legally obliged to keep those wasters on the payroll, you would have thought with Ranger’s record they can dispense with his services.

  • john hill

    He’s got a court date next month as well….am hoping that, if found guilty of one/both offences, the club kick him out.

  • Mal

    If we can’t find the grounds to terminate his contract after this lot then perhaps Mr Llambias ought to find himself another job.

  • Eric W Edwards

    Time for this ungrateful thug to be booted out of the club and off Tyneside. Surely the legal means must exist to terminate his contract? For a fan this behaviour would have an employer sending us up the road with our cards in our hands. This player is an immature and contemptuous misfit with no respect for himself or us. Get rid. Lawyer in and Ranger out!