Manchester United v Newcastle United, the glamour of the cup, not!

The Glazers aren’t only ripping off the daytrippers from Torquay, Hong Kong and London, they have also turned their attention to Tyneside.

Quite unbelievable that in these days of austerity and the low profile of the League (Capital One) Cup, that Manchester United are charging FORTY FIVE POUNDS for our (televised!)third round match on 26th September – 7.45pm kick-off. The price for OAPs is £26.

Just over the road at Manchester City they are charging £22.50 and £15 for OAPs, when Villa visit in the third round.

Ironically though, the £45 Man U are charging is more than many of the tickets cost for last season’s final of the League (then Carling) Cup! Basic prices then were £40 for adults and £20 for OAPs, though at the upper end ticket prices went up to £90 for the best seats.

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You feel like suggesting a boycott of matches like this but as always it is up to each fan as to what they do.

They aren’t getting my £45, are they getting yours?

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  • peter little

    was looking foreward to going but just cant afford it, transport and two kids aged 16 & 18 new the prices because me mate a reds fan got 45 quid took out his bank account yesterday

    • roscoe64

      thought manure season tickets included all cup games,they used to anyway.

  • Bri

    Its an utter joke to be honest seems like they are charging that price to ward off newcastle fans The less toqn fans the easier the game shoild be !!

  • nufc1892

    It’s not that bad, similar to our Cat A games really. The mackems match next year will be similar price for non season ticket holders. The same people crying about this price probably didn’t bother turning up to the pitiful attendance against Atromitos at 15 quid a ticket. Now I guess we know how Man U fans feel as they get charged hollywood prices everywhere they go.

    • Disillusioned magpie

      29,000 pitiful wakey wakey

    • 2Tone

      Jesus . Just seen this post. All the sane people I know thought the attendance for Atromotis was amazing for a ‘foregone conclusion’ qualifier. I guess you must be a real special fan (you obviously think so).