On the back of new eight year contracts for Alan Pardew and his staff, Derek Llambias has also been speaking about a number of other things including what happened, or rather didn’t, in the transfer window.

“Debuchy was a target and we were led to believe it would be around six million Euros but that was never the case, it was a lot bigger than that but it was pounds as well. We worked really hard on it and were keen to do the deal but if you can’t afford it…you can’t afford it. You can’t keep going down the road of saying, ‘Oh well it is only another 2 or 3 million.

We went for several other targets including Douglas, they were just too pricey. We were nearly there but you can’t keep going back to get the price you want if there isn’t the appetite from the other side”.

Llambias’ words finally confirm a number of things that we already knew/believed;

Newcastle are sticking to their policy of offering what they want to pay and it is take or leave it, little or no room for negotiation.

The much publicised and long running chases for both Debuchy and Douglas did happen.

The confirmation that those chases happened, further confirm that Alan Pardew was talking straight when at the start of the transfer window he stated he wanted to bring in a commanding centre-back who could also add goals (Douglas) and Yohan Cabaye’s mate (Debuchy).

Are the club right to pursue this policy? Only with hindsight will we be able to give it our best guess.

The reality now is that Alan Pardew admitted after the match at Old Trafford that Newcastle are short of numbers at centre-half. While we also have our first choice and only specialist right-back, Danny Simpson, winding down the last year of his contract with no new deal looking likely at the moment.

Much as Alan Pardew publicly always talks up what is happening at the top end of the club, if the manager continues to have the club punching above its weight in terms of the resources he’s been given (transfer backing) – then in the medium to long-term Pardew’s future is likely to depend more on how much ambition Mike Ashley shows in backing the manager to bring real lasting success, rather than any eight year contract.

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  • Andy

    At least they’re saying something – something that appears to happen sporadically rather than when we want information however. I agree in principle what he’s saying, but it’s left us short on numbers/quality.At some stage they need to decide what exactly the targets/ambitions are, as currently they seem to be happy where we are; hovering around the 5th to 8th place mark.

    • Dunk

      Yep and players like Tiote, Cabaye and Cisse won’t be hanging around to finish 5th to 8th every year.

  • Greekgeordie

    Our new success is too new to start dreaming above the 5th to 8th place mark, if it happens will be a bonus, Europe is the answer, if we are consistantly play European football year in year out we will keep our best players, and hopefully add more. By adding players at inflated prices we only upset the present group of players and disapoint our younger and developing squad by not offering to them first team opportunities.
    Simpon will sign at the end, he is happy at the club and Lambias will meet him half way unless his agents become too demanding and greedy.

  • BillytheFish

    The Toon look a really good side these days, and you have to give credit where it is due.
    Other clubs now have a healthy respect and fear of our club.
    It would not surprise me to see them again battling for the 4th place spot this season.

  • Stew

    All very well and good but why can’t it be established before the end of the window that a deal isn’t going to happen and why can’t we have other targets in those positions we need reinforcements that we can move onto and try to buy instead?

    Seems like we have a couple of targets and if we can’t get them on the cheap we just do without even if it means leaving gaps in the squad.

    I like the fact that we are not being held to ransom by clubs but we have seen already that the team is clearly short of a decent right back and another centre half.

  • bean

    None of this should be a surprise to anyone. They have stated what the transfer policy is a number of times.
    As for success, that would be staying in the premier league (4th bottom will be adequate) and being able to turn a decent profit on players sold..If the team manages to get any success on the pitch, then that is mearly a bonus.
    Ashley bought NUFC because he thought he could make money for Sports Direct from it. As the profits from that (and they have grown significantly since he bought NUFC) far out way anything he could ever make from the club itself.

  • AndyMac

    So we think Debuchy’s “worth” £1. 36 but Lille didnt agree. We made a bid anyway and they didnt like it but we kept this going all close season so we didnt have to bother paying money for another right back. Brilliant strategy and keeps the fans on tenterhooks all summer long :-)