We all know Newcastle’s first eleven can be a match for anybody but the latest injury shows how paper thin Newcastle’s squad and transfer strategy might be.

The highs and lows of football are shown by Tim Krul taking over as the Dutch number one on Friday, only to then injure his elbow in training on Saturday and be sent home.

Steve Harper had been relegated to number three, only for Rob Elliot’s limitations to be exposed in the likes of the Forest Carling Cup match last season and Harper to come back in on the bench so far this season. Neither keeper looked convincing in pre-season friendlies.

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Even when Krul was rested for the Europa League match in Athens, Elliot wasn’t even trusted with a place on the bench – Tim Krul still travelling only to sit on the bench.

So we had Harper frozen out previously as surplus to requirements only now to be back in favour because the highly promising Fraser Forster was sacrificed to bring in a paltry £2m and Elliot exposed. I didn’t exactly see the bids flying in for Harper and Elliot!

You get into a comfort zone when you have a top class keeper like Krul because statistically they are far less likely to get injured than other positions.

I pray that we are not going to have to cope without the Dutch safe pair of hands because the two alternatives don’t bear thinking about for me.

From the Dutch number one, to two that nobody else wants, shows the disparity between our goalkeepers.

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  • brin

    So,so right….Fraser Forster was a ridiculous sale..Elliott a ridiculous buy

  • Rob Brown

    So how many goalkeepers do you think a squad should have?
    Forster was too good to hang around as 3rd choice, simple as that. He wanted first team games.
    Good keepers dont accept sitting around in the reserves. If Harper had left years ago he could have been in the England team
    As for Elliot – if he was brilliant he wouldn’t be sitting third in line at SJP.

  • What strategy? For the sake of small beer Ashley’s barrow boy economics cost us at least three newcomers of quality. Now we pay the penalty once again of our club being used as a means to make money elsewhere. We cannot cover the injuries to be expected in four campaigns over the coming season. Pardew knows it and Ashley makes sure of it.

  • nevfur

    Lets be honest here Krul and Forster were both good keepers who wanted first team football and felt that they had waited long enough to get it so we had to make a choice. A shame to lose a good young home grown player but sadly sometimes you have no choice. Good luck to him.
    As for Harper i believe he is adequate cover particularly if it is just short term. We have seen with Forster how hard it is to retain a good second choice keeper and all teams have this problem.
    As for Elliot it appears that he isnt progressing as the club would like to see but can we give the Forest game a rest. Any player can have a ‘mare, give him a break, its one game (which we won btw), get over it. We all love Krul and he is top class but his mistake could and should have cost us a penalty and possible sending off for him v Atromitos which judjing by our second half performance in that game could have seen us going out of Europe but no-one is slating him.
    I agree with everyone that we should have added more quality players to the squad this summer and may pay for not doing it but none of us were shouting for a new keeper despite all of us knowing Forster was leaving.
    Lets get behind ALL the lads and see where it gets us. Perchinho and Willo produced for us last season and these lads and others will be more likely to produce the goods and perform above themselves with the massive Geordie support behind them rather than getting on their backs.
    Keep the Faith.

  • Double Carpet

    So that’s right. An obvious ‘hole’ in our ‘strategy’.
    1. Selling Forster was the right thing to do – he wanted to leave as he wasn’t going to be first choice. Krul is better, possibly the best in the league. We got £2m for FF- not much, but it is £2m more than watching him walk for free at the end of his contract.
    2. Harper has been a good goalie for years and if Krul hadn’t developed he’d still be in goal now and we’d be happy. A couple of years ago they were regular calls for him to be in the England squad ahead of people like Green. So he’s a good backup. Why start slagging him off – where’s the evidence?
    3. Elliott has, possibly, stood still. But he’s 3rd choice with another young England goalie (Alnwick) coming up behing him. Again – why slag him off? He’s played a couple of games, looked poor last year vs Forest, but it’s just 2 games. Give the lad a break.
    4. And as has been said by another poster – how many goalies should we have? And would any that we could have signed be any better than Harper? No REALLY good keeper is going to want to come and play second fiddle to Krul.
    I’m disappointed we didn’t sign another couple of players this summer – but Krul’s injury doesn’t indicate any ‘hole’ in any ‘strategy’. I’m happy the club doesn’t pay stupid money any more, I’d rather we had another 2 defenders and another striker.
    But we haven’t signed – as far as I can remember – a crap player for over 2 years (someone will no doubt correct me) and we’re doing OK – this has to be a long term job built on solid foundations.
    For Christ’s sake stop looking for any possible opportunity to start whining.

  • Mr T

    What a shocking article! Who did this kid want us to sign in the summer to compensate for the fact Krul might get injured?? Agree with comments below we could have signed a couple of more players but I don’t think I heard one person ask why we hadn’t signed a keeper. Ridiculous complaint mate

  • Tinaaa xx

    Elliot has done zilch for us so I would prefer Harper instead of him but I hope Tim can still play coz he is a great keeper.