After Niall Quinn failure to get the fans out of the dodgy satellite pubs, sunderland have gone back to their tried and tested route of giving tickets away.

Thanks to one of our spies on Wearside we were passed the following – University of Sunderland Alumni Association are passing on free sunderland tickets for matches this season, which basically means anybody who has graduated from sunderland University would be in line to apply for tickets….not exactly the most deprived section of society I would guess.

Any of you out there went to the mackem Uni? Get ready for your free derby tickets!

Free Family Zone Tickets:

Sunderland AFC v Liverpool

Dear Alumni Member

We have 15 pairs of FREE tickets available for:

Sunderland AFC v Liverpool on Saturday 15th September, kick off at 5.30pm.

The tickets are for the new Family Zone which has been designed to provide young fans and their family the chance to enjoy the matchday experience.

If you would like to be allocated a pair of tickets please email us with:

Your name

The course you studied at the University of Sunderland

The name of your guest

The age of your guest*

Special Offer 15% off, see banner at bottom

*Please note, these pairs of tickets are for an adult and a child under the age of 16.

Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis, you will be notified by email if you are successful.

Tickets have to be collected from the University of Sunderland Gateway Building, City Campus the week before each match.

We will be giving away more of these tickets for each of Sunderland AFC’s home games throughout the season, so please look out for more news on tickets in the future.

Best Wishes

University of Sunderland Alumni Association 

***Special offer for limited period – 15% off all orders, enter MAGTYNE15 at Checkout

  • Kevin L.

    They will be offering their fans a game next looking at the dross they have registered for this season!

  • safc black cat

    You geordie creatures should concentrate on your own team you dirty barcodes. 9-1.

    • WeeHughie

      So said the Mackem on a Mag site.Practice what you preach before complaining.

    • SMB

      hahaha seriously 9-1, please remind us of the date you underdogs acheived this fluke scoreline??

      • JJ

        9-1…it will never be beaten. Haha, unlucky kidda.

        • cfun1892

          OK then thick mackem – it was 5th December 1908 -you beat us 9-1 in the season WE WON THE LEAGUE!! Thank you for your help and good bye

      • cfun1892

        It was a different date to the more recent 31/10/2010 – check it out it was really funny.

      • cfun1892

        OK then thick mackem – it was 5th December 1908 -you beat us 9-1 in the season WE WON THE LEAGUE!! Thank you for your help and good bye!

  • David I

    You barcodes wanna give free tickets away aswell then considering you aren’t filling your ground. I’m not surprised considering the dross you lot have served up this season. 2nd best in every game upto now and looks like you have been found out. Europe you all bang on about dream on!!!

    • WeeHughie

      Your giving free tickets away and we still get better gates.Your mob would bang on about Europe as well if you could ever find it,a pre season tour of Finland is about as good as it gets for Blunderland.

    • SMB

      noticing the makems all like the word “dross” not surprising as its pretty much summed up their players, performances & recent history.

    • big geordie

      have you ever seen a mackem in milan or paris or rome or anywhere else

      • Grin

        The majority of us don’t need a football match in europe to determine whether or not we can and can’t leave the country. Sad fat mag. I’ve been to Paris numerous times, I’ve been to Milan once. I’m a mackem. Did I attend a football games whilst I was there? Nope. Was I bothered? Was I f.

        • JR Ewing

          Is European football not the holy grail to your fans?
          The mackems I know would love nothing better than to have seen their team play and travel to Juve, inter, barca, PSV, Marseille, Kiev etc etc etc to play in various competitions and actually compete.

    • LawrieMag87

      Aren’t filling our ground ?, it’s filled a lot more than the Stadium Of Geordie Delight, despite having the manager you always wanted and an owner not afraid of a net spend, the Toon fill the ground v Wolves, you buggers can’t fill it v Chelsea or Liverpool. Marty Ziff may have won titles in the Mickey Mouse league but if he wants to do something really difficult he can try to fill your ground for more than three oir four games a season.

  • Del boy

    Not sure why this needs to be on the site. Polite gesture from the Alumni association if anything. It’s The Mag, not ALS.

  • ftm

    well you just made a tit if yourself here ain’t ya,you mouth of saying people if the uni get ready for your free derby tickets then type out that it’s clearly for the Sunderland v Liverpool game,since when has Liverpool been our derby? you sad degenerate

    • SMB

      Ahem..”We will be giving away more of these tickets for each of Sunderland AFC’s home games throughout the season, so please look out for more news on tickets in the future.”
      Each of sunderlands home games this season would include the derby, so about shouting off & making a tit of yourself….

      • Albert

        NUFC give away tickets all the time. Why does it bother you what SAFC do anyhow? Sad act.

  • David I

    Atleast we are realistic, you lot have 1 decent season in a long while and you think you are gonna get champions league. Give ya heed a shake lad and tune yaself in.

    • SMB

      nobody reckons we are gunna get CL, nobody even expects it, we can only hope… bit given that we have been in the CL, been in europe plenty of times (& won a major trophy) we have a right to hope, whereas you deluded fools can only dream of europe or exceeding the 6th place finish that you over achieved over a decade ago.

  • gaters

    You mags are obsessed with Sunderland – get over it

  • Hebburnmag

    Dross, maybe – above you in the table, definitely.
    Your forums must be like your ground – empty.

  • Barney Safc

    Barcode deluded not figured it out yet…….fact is that its Sunderland Uni paying fer the tickets n givin them out for free and not Safc! dumbass deluded FTM

    • SMB

      have you not figured out that the fact the uni are buying them & giving them away is still giving them away, it is an action brought about by the need to fill empty seats & hopefully brainwash a future generation into blindlessly following the shite yous serve up as football..
      so just so you know, sunderland will be selling them to the uni at a reduced rate because the problem still exists of not getting loyal support to fill the ground..FACT.

      • JJ

        So an organisation chooses to buy a few tickets and give them away as a gift means our club are giving away tickets? You really are thick aren’t you.

  • SGBs

    Obsessed about Sunderland,if only Sunderland got the bandwagongers of 1992

    • Hebburnmag

      Stupid Grindon Bumboy – What was your average gate in 1992?

      • HP

        What was yours? Newcastle managed to muster up a massive 9,175 at home to Crewe that season…

        • WeeHughie

          I do knowe when Ossie was sacked our average was 19,000,very good in those days and higher than what the Mackems were getting.And i remember Sunderland playing league champs Arsenal in 91 while in the top flight and only 12,000 turned up.

  • RememberBathLane?

    Just remind me…how many empty seats were in the sports direct for your big European cup game?…thats right, over 20000! haha…should have given away a few freebies yersels, tight bastards FTM

  • realist

    Fantastic that the fans of the team that gives free tickets to druggies, youth clubs, schools, with ‘official toon’ shirts bought etc in far greater quantities than safc get all arsey about the uni buying tickets to give to a few students.

    • WeeHughie

      If you read the link on here you would see that the total amount of tickets given to local government and given to druggies as you say amounts to a total of 4 tickets.Im not sure how you work that as being far greater quantities than what your rabble give away.

  • Not deluded

    OBSESSED!!!!!! If the university have bought the tickets how have safc gave away tickets??? Mags should of gave them away for the trip to Greece 46 fans class!! Bit different to all the mags at the end of last season shouting oh I’m getting me passport ooot!!


    S&%*+*land til they die? unless it’s in the FA cup or broadcast live on sky!
    Obsessed? Nah, we just love laughing at you!

  • blakes999

    “15 pairs of tickets” = 30 tickets in total!!! Now thats a massive number #typicalmag

  • sgb

    Hahahahahha sad geordie twats obsessed with sunderland, was only couple year ago u were relegated, sunderland longest established prem team, when was the last time u won a cup? fuck me havent even won one in colour, 1955 still waiting

  • Guest

    47 fans in Athens from the club obssessed by crowd size

  • #ridiculous

    I’m glad this poorly written article doesn’t make NUFC fans seem hypocritical, obsessed, petty, thick and bothered………………..oh hang on !

  • cfun1892

    They’ll do anything to cover up those crap/cheap PINK seats.

  • propaganda

    funny how the toon give away tickets to druggies for derbies

  • Dutchie

    Why is a Newcastle related website reporting news on Sunderland? Very small time and to answer why Sunderland fans are here: this article crops up on Sunderland’s news now feed. If you create an article centred around Sunderland, it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that it will attract Sunderland fans. Newcastle fans embarrassing themselves again, much like Newcastle Mad who have a daily article about us. Keep it coming, it only gives us yet more ammunition. You’re the rival support that keeps on giving, I don’t think there is another fan base in the world that embarrasses themselves more than the fans of NUFC. You had a funeral lately? Been on invisible pogos? Waved your shoes around like Talibani sympathisers protesting in favour of a public stoning? Had your Geordie Vuvuzela’s out? Oh and the best of the lot…are you still chanting “Town, Town”? Quite possibly the worst and pointless chant in the history of fandom.

    • SMB

      What are you ranting on about?? and ‘Toon Toon’ ‘Boing Boing’ wtf does it matter, vocal support of your team is the point, and what about the recent “martin o’neill’s red n white army” that your lot are shouting, that has to be one of the laziest uses of your managers name in a football chant ever, or your rip off of the blaydon races, you unimaginative bunch of zombies.

      • Dutchie

        It’s “O-O-O-O-O Neill” and when it was sung, no other set of fans were singing it in the league. Until you started singing it for Cisse…embarrassing. We don’t sing the Blaydon Races song, it hasn’t been sung for years. Do you actually attend games? Probably not. Tow, town haha, worst chant in history. We have a different class song book to you with many unique chants. You’re quite a way behind in terms of terrace culture which is summed up by the number of replica top clad fat twats that turn up for your games.

        • WeeHughie

          Ive seen your mob on the tv and Blaydon Races is still being sung,very badly with a change in words,a rip off of a Toon song.Would we sing one of yours,No way.

  • Keith

    Loathe to criticise any club for doing this kind of thing alright in this case it’s likely the recipients aren’t to badly off (but not everyone who gets a degree ends up well off though). Given the extortionate cost of football in England the more this kind of thing happens the better. The fact there for the family area points to the mackems taking heed of would is going to be a major issue for clubs in the coming years the age of people at the game and future attendances take a look around you at the next home game. I’ll laugh at them for most things but any clubs to be applauded if there trying to get people in/make it affordable to attend on a regular basis, I reckon free might be a bit steep in there case they might have to throw a free pie and pint in to :)

  • Hahaha
  • Check this
  • haha
  • Brute

    What happened to the skunks waiting list? They now advertise the sale of tickets on a daily basis on local radio.

    • JR Ewing

      What happened to agent Murray’s one more seat than Newcastle?
      An empty one perhaps?

  • Michael “Stone Island” Martin.

    As a Toon fan with no interest in Sunderland I will not respond to this story. Please buy True Faith where there is no mention of Sunderland. Ever !

  • Chris Goodall

    This is embarrassing.. Firstly why are we sinking so low as to report on what Sunderland are doing? Why should we care? If Ashley did it we’d say it was a good idea. It gets young uns in to football and rather than have 30,000 fans in for our last European game we could have gave 20k away and filled the ground. Fair enough the tickets would be free but if everyone spent a couple of quid on food, drinks, programmes, future tickets etc it would be worth it..

    Secondly, why are Sunderland fans on here? the majority of the comments so far are embarrassing for both sets of supporters. It’s the equivalent to the retarded Mackem that works with me who has a private reg with FTM on it.. Support your own team.. I’d rather read/hear comments from ‘Sunderandfan’ than ‘Newcastlehater’.