The real truth has come out after suggestions that Club Brugge were restricting the number of tickets for Newcastle because of problems when Birmingham visited last season.

We suggested in the last couple of days that there was a strong possibility that the home club believed that they could sell the game out to their own fans and that looks to be the actual truth.

Sky Tyne and Wear have carried a statement from the Belgian Club;

“The allocation of 1,470 tickets for European games is standard procedure. It is 5% of our stadium capacity. It’s the same amount for every European match. The Birmingham match last year was an exception because the stadium wasn’t sold out, we saw the opportunity to give more tickets to the Birmingham supporters. For the Newcastle game there is lots of interest from our own supporters, so we can’t provide extra tickets”.

What is shocking is that they have waited three weeks before revealing this to those of us on Tyneside and the Belgian club will know fine well that thousands and thousands of people have booked travel and accommodation.

Like most of you I will have the prayer mat out in the hope that Maritimo give them an unlikely looking hammering on the 4th October while we are playing Bordeaux, then finish the job off ourselves when we play Brugges at St.James’ Park in the following round of matches.

If they are pointless after three matches I bet they suddenly find they can make a few thousand more available. I wouldn’t mind betting that the section adjoining Newcastle’s 1,470 seats isn’t being sold yet just in case demand at home fails to fill their ground.

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  • Lincs Mag

    I don’t see what the big deal is, personally.
    People who booked travel knew the possibilities of not getting tickets.

    Let’s be honest, if we were hosting Real Madrid, Barca, Inter, etc. we would never give them any more than the minimum amount of tickets for away fans.

    It’s not Brugges’ fault they have a small stadium.

  • Porter

    Booking travel before gettin a ticket is always a risk, we’d never give a team more than the minimum if we could sell out the home end

  • Paul

    Are the Brugge fans a problem? I was at the FC Twente-Hannover game last night, and there were Hannover fans on our row, and throughout the ground; even when FC Hannover scored the 2-2 equalizer and the away fans cheered standing up in our ears, no one seemed to mind. It was also a real advantage for Hannover to have a packed away section to dominate the singing and then their fans elsewhere in the ground who could enjoy the game. It’s not as if the FC Hannover fans are angels – there were problems before the match in the town centre of a public order nature – but everyone just got along in a stadium that wasn’t even 3/4 full.

    • police pulled us over nr ground and forced us to go in another direction said we were going straight into pubs / home area where they would see GB reg and attack car. didn’t see any trouble but did hear later of a few rucks but drink probably caused that.

  • Spog

    Shame to miss out was a brilliant trip with the blues!!

  • Blues Fan

    What were the problems with blues fans then? It’s not mentioned. They just say they had some spare tickets, so gave them to blues fans…..

    • Blues Fan

      Sorry, misread!

  • tony

    we took 5,500 to brugge and there were no problems,the police even issued a statement thanking us for our behaviour .A nice place but the main town smells of the drains lol guess they’re still medievil

  • I’d say if you’ve booked then still go and just enjoy the craic.
    Loads of very strong beers and loads to see and do in the city or nearby e.g. WW1 history Menin Gate in Ypres.

  • bcfc

    Bruges was amazing last season for blues fans, there was not a problem just an amazing away day!