Ahead of the Capital One Cup-Tie at Old Trafford, Alan Pardew has been making clear where he sees the League/Capital One Cup in his priorities.

The manager made crystal clear what he sees as most important this season;

“Nothing would give our fans more pleasure than to win a trophy and I want to give them that. However, I think getting a Champions League place is probably the biggest thing we could win.

It would be massive this season. Can we achieve that? I don’t know. Next down is the FA Cup, then probably the Europa League and then the Capital One Cup”.

Most of what the manager has said is predictable as it more or less repeats what he said in the summer about how viewed the respective competitions.

However, the extra words about what Champions League qualification would mean, makes me think that maybe there is real belief that Newcastle could compete for a top four spot, despite earlier protestations that it was too big a leap from fifth – especially with Europa League responsibilities.

I have no doubt that Alan Pardew is ambitious and having navigated a tricky opening five matches including Chelsea, Everton and Spurs, the manager is seeing a positive picture emerging, especially with the likes of Tiote, Coloccini, Simpson and Krul all at various stages of coming back into the first team picture.

  • M

    For me getting back into the Europa League consistently would make me happy.. I honestly think CL is way out of our league (sorry for the pun)..

  • glasshalfempty

    we don’t have a squad capable of making fourth and last year was probably over achievement but welcome nonetheless.

    • glasshalffull

      the squad we have only narrowly missed out on fourth last year, maybe they can acheive something similar, they have not become worse players over the close season, if anything they will have gained confidence.

  • Firebug666

    I think the CL is a league to far, we should concentrate on winning a domestic trophy or the Europa league as a positive step back into Europe next season, in the mean time we should be building a squad of player who will challenge for the CL in the near future.

  • Dunk

    CL shouldn’t be out of our league but with the current squad it would be a HUGE achievement to get there. If Pardew really thinks we can achieve top 4 in the league with our squad and all this seasons fixtures then he is trying to fool everyone. We need 2 or 3, maybe 4 more quality additions to the squad first, especially in defence. Williamson scares me!

    • drunk?

      again the squad is young, motivated & capable of emulating last season, lets just hope they can push a little further, with the full support of the geordie nation who knows what they might achieve.
      also willo was one of our better performers on sunday, along with perchinio, funny that considering they wouldn’t be in the squad if the keyboard critics had their way.

      • Dunk is teetotal

        I agree and i am fully aware that our squad is not worse than last season but look at our direct competition in the league. Chelsea, Arsenal, Everton will all be better than last season, Liverpool are actually playing well but they haven’t had the results yet, i fully expect them to be up there competing with us all season along with Spurs.
        I purely think it is an obvious fact that achieving 4th/5th this season will be a lot harder than last year. OK, yes Williamson brings the benefit of physical presence and height that we maybe lack, and he has on the whole done a better job than I expected but you cant tell me he should be your 3rd choice CB in a side with top 4 premiership ambitions.

        Merely hoping we can push a little further isn’t exactly a great plan for success.