Visits to Everton have always had a bit of needle in the modern era and even without Phil Jagielka’s feeble comments, there was probably going to be an extra spark thanks to Yohan Cabaye’s ballboy/Cahill carry on last season – despite his instant apology after the match.

In case you haven’t seen it, Jagielka is waffling on about Alan Pardew’s ‘disrespectful’ comments last season about Newcastle ‘operating in a different league’ to Everton.

The trouble with footballers, like a lot of fans, is that they might read the headlines but don’t let the facts (what was actually said) get in the way of the story.

In the lead up to last season’s match at Goodison, Alan Pardew was talking about Newcastle’s position in terms of keeping hold of players, comparing United to Arsenal after they’d had to accept they couldn’t keep hold of players like Nasri and Fabregas when Manchester City and Barca came along and offered big money and a better chance of trophies.

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This is what Alan Pardew actually said;

“Forget about Everton and Aston Villa, we have put ourselves in a similar position to Arsenal. The one security I have is that Mike Ashley is a difficult seller. He is not going to let someone go for £7m, he is going to want top, top money.

But if Yohan Cabaye gets a call from Manchester United and they tell him he is going to be the next Paul Scholes I am not going to be able to stop him. It is going to cost Manchester United a shedload of money but until we have Champions League football….”.

I’m guessing that most of you wouldn’t think what he said would then amount to the likes of Jagielka and others winding themselves up into a frenzy of felling so upset by that nasty Mr.Pardew.

Especially when you take into account what Alan Pardew then said after the defeat in May;

“Congratulations to Arsenal and Spurs because they deserve to finish above us. We’ve made a huge leap into that group and I hope we face the same level of expectation next season. To finish above Chelsea and Everton, and they are going to feature next season with that front two (Jelavic and Fellaini), is a tough ask but we are looking forward to it”.

Yes he’s really disrespecting the blue half of Merseyside there isn’t he, saying it is going to be ‘a tough ask’ to finish above Everton again this season, how dare he!

I wonder if Phil Jagielka will pin that up on the Everton dressing room door on Monday!

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  • Pardew is a c*nt

    That’s not what I recall Pardew saying. So if you want to disprove what Jagielka is claiming Pardew then please post a link to a reputable source which shows the quotes instead of just typing any old words yourself. If you can’t do that, then shut the fuck off youu moaning old tart.

    • NUFC Crazy

      You sir are an idiot, Copy and paste the quotes on Google and you can see for yourself, you will see that they are direct quotes from Pardew

      Engage your brain before typing you doughnut

    • mickthemag

      and what do you recall pardew saying nope u cant remember untill u do keep u mouth shut tosser or meet me and ill kick the shite out o you u scumbag ficking scoucers nowt but a slur on society when it comes to football,work,sense,life in general rant over blue shite

  • Football Fan

    It goes to prove the media will always dissect exactly what they want to sensationalise a story.

    I’d still put forward the argument that Mike Ashley and Bill Kenwright are similar however. Everton always get top price for their players when they sell.

  • rex the mascot

    Pardew is a **** – “thats not what I recall Pardew saying” then please tell us what you recall him saying. My recollection is that Pardew’s comments were made during a live phone-in with Mick Lowes on BBC Radio Newcastle and this post pretty much reflects what was said. Personally I cringed when he used the phrase “different league” and I think he may have even said “left them behind” which I assume he meant in terms of that season (at least I hope so!)

  • Jim

    Pardew pre-match: “Forget about Everton and Aston Villa”. Translation: We are now a class above them. There are no two ways about this. He has likened Newcastle to a better club (Arsenal) than a club more like them. Everton is renowned as a selling club, as are Villa to a certain extent. Through this, he implies that Everton and Villa are inferior to him and his Magpies.

    Pardew post-match: “To finish above the likes of Everton, Liverpool and Chelsea, it is a fantastic achievement.”

    Two-faced prick. Hope you get thrashed on Monday.

    • Tone Army

      he was comparing our transfer policy to arsenal, its plainly obvious by the full quote which you have now read & still all you see is pardew saying newcastle are better than everton. does not make him two faced prick at all it just proves you are an ignorant prick ;)

  • Mind games a side Newcastle are gonna get fucked on monday.

  • Dan

    As a blue I agree to be honest, the quote was blown out of proportion. I think he was shocked how much better we were than Newcastle at Goodison and maybe had to climb down a little though.

  • Davie kennedy

    Mick the mag here’s my address 34 Vermont rd Crosby lpool your most welcome to knock at mine and get your rant off your chest in person I’ll fuckin stamp on ye head ye fuckin Geordie sheepshaggin nonce

  • Wyattearp

    Think you’ve been called out there mick the mag! Go an back ya big mouth up lad

  • Everton Fan

    To be honest this is not about Everton and Newcastle. It is about Alan Pardew and Everton. For some reason Everton seem to get at Alan Pardew, and whenever he can he takes the opportunity to say something irritating about Everton. The last would was claiming that West Ham gave Everton “a real footballing lesson” following a 2-1 victory.

    So to any Newcastle fans out there getting a tad miffed about this story. Its not you, its your manager.

    • Tone Army

      so what your saying our manager is playing mind games, successfully upsetting opponent managers/players/fans… and we should be miffed about that??

      • Everton Fan

        Its an article claiming to be a bit miffed about Jagielka highlighting the idiocy of Pardew comments about Everton. Pardew isn’t playing mind games, he just seems to have a problem with Everton, and has had where ever he has managed.

        My point is to Newcastle fans, don’t whine about this story (as you are on a Newcastle fan site), its nothing with you, its just your manager talking shi*te about a team he is famous for talking sh*te about.

  • Griff

    why are there always other supporters on here? To the point in question tho i am very certain pardew would not speak disrespectfully of any other team, its just an opposing team/fans looking for something to moan about.

  • Alan.Pardew

    No top league title for 85 years, no F.A. Cup for 57 years and a dodgy euro cup 43 years ago. In and out the top flight numerous times. Spend extortionate amounts of money on useless players and still win fuck all.

    Yeah nice one. Monday night – Everton 3 Newcastle 0

  • defc

    i am sick of newcastle thinking they are a massive club, they have no history and nothing on Evertons professionalism. A big stadium does not make you a big club, everton are the bigger club, history and succsess make a big club something everton have consistently triumphed over newcastle. One good season folks, granted the toon have some top players but so do everton, up untill christmas they barely had 11 senior players fit, and had the youth team on the bench, its no suprise they rapidly climbed the table when numbers were increased, they will be up there in the top six and top four challange no doubt, as for newcastle, top 8 europa league will take its toll

    • bean

      The facts speak for themselves, we have won nowt in the last 40yrs while Everton have won League titles and cups. Don’t think you’ll get many of us arguing with you. I think you read too many papers that keep telling everyone we are a big club cos we get 50k + crowds. We’re just little old NUFC and we love it!!

    • Tone Army

      no history is a bit harsh, weve won the league a few times & the FA cup a few times and europe once, all a long time ago but you’re the one talking about history… unless we only consider the prem in which case we have been a better side, finished 2nd twice (far better than evertons 5th), qualified for europe more often & generally been a far more exciting football team to watch,fair enough you have been in the league 2 more seasons than us but that just highlights our acheivements over your failings even more.
      history means fuck all mate, ask your red neighbours who seem to have an expectancy to compete at the top just because they won a loada trophies a few decades back ;)

  • defc

    a selling club, Given, Owen, Woodgate, Dyer, Jenas, Caroll, Nzogbia, Millner to name a few

    • normag

      Every single one of those players wanted to go, so that argument is not a very good one, sir. Maybe Carroll would have wanted to stay, but hey: 35 mill £ !

  • youngwilsonball

    Players only respond to the dickhead questions that quote-seeking journos feed them.

  • Tony_Almeida

    “Forget about Everton and Aston Villa, we have put ourselves in a similar position to Arsenal. The one security I have is that Mike Ashley is a difficult seller. He is not going to let someone go for £7m, he is going to want top, top money.”

    Rather unfortunate then that the barcodes’ only striker of note is being sold for…erm, £7 million.

    Maybe managers should keep their mouths shut too and focus on the on-pitch activities.

  • Michael Williams

    You soon WILL be in a different league