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5under1and v Newcastle – What’s The Point In Loyalty?

8 years ago

So tickets for our game in Grozny on Wear are now on sale, starting with those who have 100 loyalty points or more.

Already (well going back a few weeks now) I have had friends asking how many tickets I can get them and how loyalty points are given out.

The answer to the first question is easy.  I have got one for myself but unfortunately none of my other match day mates qualify…yet!! Frustratingly the next person who qualifies has 98 points.  On a positive note there will be one more ticket available than usual for those with less than 100 points, as another friend with 160 loyalty points won’t be able to get one.  That’s because he is no longer a season ticket holder so his points are redundant.

In respect to the attaining of loyalty points this is my understanding (let me know if you know differently):-

1 – Loyalty points started to be given out at around the time the Premier League commenced.  Therefore if you went to games regularly before the early nineties (which many of us did) then unfortunately those games count for diddly squat.  The argument ‘but I went all the time when we were rubbish in the ‘70s and ‘80s’ does not matter.  Anyway, we’ve still only been slightly less rubbish since.

2 – If you wait until tickets go on general sale then once again you do not get any points as you should have applied during the season ticket holders only window.

3 – You get no points for home games.

4 – You only get one point per ticket so you do not get double points for Europe.

5 – I’ve had a friend tell me he knows someone who deliberately applies for games that have sold out as he thinks that will get a loyalty point for showing intent to go. Unfortunately, that is a pointless exercise too as you only get a point if you get a ticket.

6 – If your mate knows someone who works in the canteen at the training ground who got you a ticket for a game then you do not get a point.

7 – If you sneaked in by climbing a fence or going through the turnstile strapped to your mate who did have a ticket then you do not get a point.

The only guaranteed way to get a ticket for an away game would appear to be by purchasing an away season ticket.  I don’t know many people who are in a position to do that.

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The next best way to do it is to have gone to over 100 away games in the last 20 years.  Sounds easy to do but the reality is not so straightforward.This is one area where the club made progress (provided you were going regularly in the 90s) and one which the current regime have continued on by giving loyalty points.  It would seem those that have stuck with the team both home (as season ticket holders) and away (by attending games) are being rewarded for their loyalty.

As an example, if you only chose to go to the match 12 miles down the road and not bother with other away games then your loyalty points would be doing well to make double figures.  Therefore, you wouldn’t qualify to go anyway.

It would seem that those who have a season ticket and have consistently followed the club over the last 20 years do get priority.  Obviously this is no use to those who have been unable to travel as much due to cost, family commitments, work or whatever other reason exists.  No doubt there are others out there who have stopped going to games as you can see most matches on the TV anyway. Everton last Monday a case in point.

I have every sympathy for those of you who do not get the dream ticket but the reality is always going to be difficult when we’ll only get 3000 tickets as it is.There are obviously no more than 3000 fans with 100 points or more, hence that number of points needed.  I’m sure last year the loyalty points came down to around 60 or 70 points so there may still be a possibility for some.

Then you now have to pay a fiver to sit on a bus which was previously free.  As another mate points out, “if you pay the fiver they should give you 4 cans when you get on the bus, that would make sure people got on…oh and a bus with a bog and windows that open (or air conditioning) and that doesn’t take 2 hours to get there and two hours to get back”.

Looks like the Metro for all, £3.20 return.  No doubt the police will love that particular escort.  Good Luck everyone and see you on the other side!!!

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