Incredible news that if Mike Ashley reaches agreement with Rangers, as part of the deal they could borrow as many as nine Newcastle players!

The Scottish FA is ready to ok the move on condition that Ashley owns no more than 10% of the Scottish club.

The players would need to go on loan before the end of the month as after that date Rangers are facing a season long embargo on new players.

After struggling to a 2-2 draw today against Peterhead it looks like they could well need some of our up and coming players..

The BBC has broken this story and also believed to be involved in the deal is Mike Ashley taking over the merchandising of the Scottish club and a friendly to take place between the two clubs.

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  • What is the real situation? We need three quality players for the first team squad asap. But all seems so slow with the window due to close in weeks. Then we are told we need more development players. So, who are the players the club is considering letting go on loan to help Rangers? We do not have a strong enough squad at present to mount a challenge in the Europa Cup, maintain a healthy top 6 or seven in the Premier, or make an honest and competitive run in the League and FA Cup competitions. We should be aiming to have a good go at all but we are still noy strong enough. Any answers to this dilemma?

    • brin mcardle

      totally agree..NINE players from a paper thin squad(which did an amazing job last year-and with just a couple could have gone on who knows what)…who decides what players and when. Wonder if the investment in Rangers could have gone on players..just two or three !
      But weve let players go…not internationals but good squad players…54,000 gates,a huge pool of supporters ,agood manager..oh well…Que sera sera