With Erik Pieters spotted by fans at St.James’ Park yesterday, it certainly adds to the speculation that at least one more new face will arrive at Newcastle pre-September.

Whether Pieters was there for anything more than a social visit (big mates with Tim Krul) we’ll probably find out shortly. I do think though that at least one new player will arrive and I’d put good money on it being a full-back.

After the win over Spurs, Danny Simpson had this to say;

“I’m staying. I never once considered leaving. As far as I’m concerned I’m staying here. I love the players and I love the manager. Alan Pardew is a top manager and he’s a good friend as well. You’ve seen what the fans are like so why would I want to leave this place?”.

Once Simpson’s contract talks weren’t quickly concluded it did evoke some over the top comments from fans, mainly negative.

I think the truth is that Danny Simpson is what he is, a good honest pro who will give his all. I’d like him to stay but not as first choice, which is where the crux of the problem is.

I think Simpson would sign a new contract if he was given first team player’s money, even on the understanding he would end up as another James Perch – a valuable role to play but not as automatic first choice. Of course he is never going to get the money he wants on that kind of arrangement, well certainly not from Mike Ashley.

Simpson does all the basics well but in terms of a modern day full-back he is lacking two things which would have otherwise deterred Newcastle from looking elsewhere.

He’s not slow but Gareth Bale blew him away several times yesterday and possibly his main weakness is he contributes nothing going forward, not one goal or assist all last season.

Like I say, I hope he stays but not as number one, or should I say – number two.


  • glasshalfempty

    Bale tears most defenders a new arsehole. Has Simpson improved with an assist for Ba’s goal then? I think he deserves a break as you are right he gets the basics right and does that well. He made several timely interventions yesterday. But I don’t readily agree he should be creating goals, thats the midfielders job for me.

    • Andy

      Gets the Basics right?? dont make me laugh, he was at fault for spurs’ goal yesturday – just before Lennon recieved the ball out wide, Simpson was standing in the middle almost on top of of Steven Taylor and marking no-one, and just left Lennon with about 15 yards of space, then when Lennon got the Ball, he didnt close him down quick enough, lets Lennon cross the ball and then its 1-1. he would have cost us the game if it wasnt for the magic of HBA

      • jim

        no andy your wrong-ben arfa was at fault for spurs goal-look and ule see-he gave the ball to them which directly led to it

      • Alex

        So where was S Taylor when Danny magnificently took the ball off Defoe for a corner from the 6yd box? Far too much grief for DS around this place, but pleased to see support, by and large, here.

    • themagonline

      As I said, like Simpson as a squad player but….
      Santon would have matched Bale for pace and in terms of assists, as I understand it a player doesn’t get credited with an assist when his floated cross is met with a bad defensive header which only then reaches the goalscorer.
      Pardew has made clear he wants goals and creativity from around the pitch and as an illustration of why we can’t just rely on a very small group of players to score and create – the opposing two full-backs yesterday scored and created a combined total of ten league goals last season Assou-Ekotto got 2 goals and 5 assists, Walker 1 and 2. In comparison Santon created 1 and Simpson nothing.
      Richard Hern

      • glasshalfempty

        if Simpson hadn’t put in a cross into the danger area then it wouldn’t have reached Ba regardless how it ended up there!!!

    • lupamac

      i was having a moan about Simpson earlier today and a mate of mine pointed out exactly as you said i,Bale tears most defenders apart

    • Richard

      I spent most of last season swearing at Simpson for not marking his wing and Williamson for being extremely dodgy on the ball. Yesterday I thought he had a much better game with some good clearances and generally solid with a good cross made excellent by Ba’s push on the defender to get him underneath it. I’ll start screaming at him again when he starts playing [email protected]* again. I still can’t understand why he is often deep inside the box when the ball’s out on his wing with the left winger.

  • Soren

    Well, he’s our leading assist-maker this season…

    • themagonline

      To get an assist you have to pass direct to the goalscorer, not via a rubbish defensive header.
      Richard Hern

  • hate to be pedantic, but he scored against Forest in the Carling cup.! I`ve gotta agree with the other points though. Decent, reliable fullback whom gives his all.

    • themagonline

      Sorry I meant league statistics. Though having said that I think Simpson would be a bit embarrassed to claim that Forest one as anything but a total fluke.
      Richard Hern

  • John

    Danny Simpson is unfortunately the latest player earmarked by united fans as a scapegoat. Where we would have finished last season without his goal line clearances? Simpson is a honest 100% player and contributes his fair share to the team. At least criticism of him is kept to the social media and I was delighted with the support he was given yesterday. I hope he stays and helps us reach the next level.

  • person

    I wouldn’t say that he’s exactly 2nd choice material. He often brings the ball up, and he’s always quick to decide what to do when another team is attacking. And in the cups last season, he scored a goal (albeit a bit of a fluke) and had a couple of assists.

  • Luke

    All I have to say is if we DO sell him and replace him, is replacement better be damn good.