Only a week to go to the new season and our ‘favourite’ journalist has been having her say about Newcastle United’s coming season.

For those of you who haven’t come across her, Louise Taylor covers north east football for The Guardian and has had many past indiscretions of finding any excuse, valid or not, to stick the knife into Newcastle, while on the other hand waxing lyrical about sunderland at any opportunity.

The Guardian are previewing the new season for every Premiership club and she has just ‘done’ Newcastle.

Through gritted teeth she has accepted;

‘This, after all, is a season that Newcastle are looking forward to with optimism rather than drawing solace from past glories. With the outstanding Tim Krul in goal, the fabulous captain Fabricio Coloccini at centre-half, Tioté enforcing in central midfield and Pardew coaching meticulously the team are in their best shape for ages’. 

Though reverted back to type with;

There are those in football who, rather unfairly, regard Pardew as rather too full of himself and believe he and Newcastle could be poised to fall flat on their faces.

Who are ‘those in football’ and why mention it if you then claim it is ‘rather unfairly’, unless you want to mention it but also distance yourself from that put down.

Amusingly, Louise clearly hasn’t done her homework, probably too busy watching the mackems’ last season highlights dvd, yet again, as she comments;

Come January, Ba, Cissé and Tioté will almost certainly be bound for the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa.

That will of course take some doing seen as some time ago Senegal were drawn against Ivory Coast in a pre-tournament qualifier!

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  • Super Ameobi Bros.

    She’s a dumb mackem bitch just ignore her.

  • Jay-Ro

    Haha, love the fact she gets paid to write profressionally and she doesn’t even know basic facts like the AFCON qualifier between Ivory Coast and Senegal….silly girl.

  • Lotti T

    Lol dumb mackem @*#$%, yeah that’s me. Roflmao. Can’t you guys think of better insults?

    • Nat

      Oh Lotti your literary abilities leave a lot to be desired i mean… you can’t even quote properly no one swore at you even though some choice expletives would have been well placed. As a journalist you will get things wrong as a mackem you are likely to be dumb and deluded to boot!

    • Sunderlandisashithole

      Dont need to! Think that about sums it up pet!

    • What does the @*#$% represent? Or was it simply the usual brain freeze that you experience everytime you approach a keyboard. It must be embarrasing when us ‘guys’ can point out to a professional journalist the facts of a story that you could research in about 2 minutes via google. Still, you must be very proud of the job you are doing, bless you.

    • juniorchubbs

      who the hell is rolf mao? and shouldnt you be writing more rubbish instead of surfing the net????

  • spence.

    she writes for a national newspaper with a lower circulation than the journal….says it all.

    • Pedro

      Possibly lower circulation figures than the Shields Gazette if truth be known

    • number9dream

      Latest ABC figures: Guardian daily circulation 211,511 Journal 102,747

  • Exiledgoddarnit

    Don’t you think you’re all over-reacting just a smidgen? On the whole, the article is a pretty fair summary of our close-season position. The venom is uncalled for, and disproportionate to the error in the article.

  • Sharpie

    I read the article and whilst I am not a fan of Wheeyse Keeyse Louyyyyse (too many mackems in the Grauniad staff list for me) I didn’t see anything there that was massively controversial. We would do well to do as well this year as we did last year and confounding the critics as we did last season would be a massive bonus. I wonder if people jump on WKL’s back and see conspiracies where there aren’t any just because of her avowedly pro-mackem past.

  • Pedro

    Why do we give this slack jawed inbred troll a second thought? who actually cares what a daintless scabby mackem thinks or writes in a left wing liberal joke of a paper?

  • number9dream

    OK there was a slight factual error in the article but in keeping with most of the Guardian previews i think it was pretty fair. She is absolutely correct that we performed way above expectations last season and given the investments that other teams are making and the loss of admittedly limited but still useful squad players like Guthrie and Best (think what their contributions added up to in points terms last season) it will be difficult to maintain, especially, as she points out, with the added pressure of Europe. I’ve never been a fan of Louise but I think this time she has it spot on.

  • Lintonlad

    Personally, I don’t care that much about WKL, I’d rather reserve my ire for @ssholes like Mick Dennis (Express), Matthew Syed (Times and BBC) and even Lyn Truss (alleged author) who are openly anti-Newcastle. WKL is positively benevolent compared to that shower.