It is reported that Newcastle United had Montpelier captain Yanga-Mbiwa watched at the weekend, early this month the player declared an interest in coming to Tyneside and claimed that Newcastle had also made clear they were interested.

We previously covered this story on 8th August (see extracts below) and the quotes came from an interview the defender gave to an Italian media organisation, leading to the heavy AC Milan slant – now the Daily Mail amongst others have reported Newcastle watching him play for Montpelier a couple of days ago.

The player has still not signed a new contract so has only a year to go, this would represent a major capture who wouldn’t come cheap, though predictably other clubs are also having their name thrown into the hat.

I’d be very disappointed if we didn’t get another centre-back through the door, especially when Alan Pardew stated firmly at the very start of the transfer window that he was going to bring in a dominant centre-back.

The only sure thing is we face four more days of intense transfer speculation, just hope Newcastle United come through it in a stronger position.

What We Reported 8th August

‘At the age of only 23, Yanga-Mbiwa is captain of the newly crowned French champions, Montpellier and if Newcastle were to capture him then it would represent a big step forward on the transfer front.

With only a year left on his contract there could be some wriggle room when it comes to any transfer fee.

He could continue his adventure at Montpellier

The defender prefers to consider every possibility. “It’s possible that I can renew my contract with Montpellier, just as it is possible that I do not renew it,” but then goes on to say “I do not exclude the possibility of renewing my contract with Montpellier.”

Newcastle is a nice alternative

In addition to AC Milan, Newcastle seems to have made it clear that they are keen on Yanga-Mbiwa. Again, this situation has some attractive advantages for Yanga-Mbiwa. “I know that Newcastle is also interested in me” says the Montpellier defender. And Yanga-Mbiwa already seems to have started his project such as a detour to Newcastle before finishing in Milan? Why not … “Newcastle is a great opportunity for me, and I hope that eventually I could join Milan. Newcastle before joining Milan would give me the chance to mature even more and gain more experience. We’ll see what happens.”


  • Duncan

    all this talk about strenghening the team Rubbish. Ashley wont spend and we will lose targets for small amounts over asking prices. Pardew says first priority a striker centre half and a full back what have we got? paid well for a midfielder got a couple of young future midfielders for free or small fees and a centre half of tender years who wont be ready for this season. Come on ashley you have not spent any money over and above what you have sold in transfers so where is this so called pot of money for transfers sign Douglas sign Debuchy and a striker or you will lose that amount by the gate at ST JAMES PARK going down shop sales diminishing and going out of europe and most important not get into champions league which would cost millions

    • Well said Duncan. Very accurate assessment. There is, when it comes to transfer needs for our team to compete seriously, a million miles between Pardew’s position and the market economics mentality of Ashley. For Ashley our top players are merely sides of beef hanging up in the meat market – a grim situation if our owner wants to make mincemeat of NUFC in collaboration with competing teams.

  • we should break the bank for john guidetti