No need to press the panic button yet….just so long as we can put our best eleven on the pitch each week.

When I was young(er) I wouldn’t have a word said against any Newcastle player, they were all up there on a pedestal and I had an argument to defend every single one of them…no matter what reality told me.

On Saturday I thought the team actually did OK, they could have easily fallen apart after that dodgy penalty and the killer second on half-time. The fact that they actually were just about the better team in the second half tells you a lot about their character and ability. Where was the cavalry though coming off the bench? (Only Tiote and Shola were missing of the senior players and the mackem slayer isn’t exactly a game changer…unless we’re playing 5under1and)

I would say the test of the strength of your bench/squad is not that you have to expect the subs to be the equal of your first choice eleven. However, if you then imagine those subs starting instead of any of that first eleven you shouldn’t be worrying.

Alan Pardew largely answered that by ignoring the likes of Obertan and Gosling on Saturday when Newcastle needed fresh legs/ideas on trying to get back into the match, instead he brought on defenders Raylor and Perch, plus eventually Marveaux, to look after his players.

Hand on heart would you be happy to have Obertan, Williamson, Harper, Gosling and Ryan Taylor starting against Villa on Saturday? Marveaux still has it to prove and Perch has shown in some half dozen matches that he maybe has it in him to be a decent fringe player, who has done pretty well stepping in for Coloccini.

It is not character assassination, just saying that because they might be willing triers it isn’t necessarily enough. Keep them but bring in three of four players who can be rotated occasionally with what is clearly our first team.

Is there another team anywhere close to Newcastle, where 99% of fans agree on our best ten players with Simpson the best of the rest at right-back? Anita has come in and looks to have a good pedigree and we have younger players who could gradually develop but we need extra bodies now or else we could well lose key players who see Newcastle as lacking ambition and a double whammy of exposing younger players too early.

It’s not about throwing money at the problem, it is called sensible investment.

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  • Vurnon Anita has better pedigree than Gabriel Obertan or Ryan Taylor? Why do we latch on to new signings and stand them on a pedestal whilst doing the players who have been at the club and contributed a disservice? We currently know very little about Anita. That is fact.

    Obertan, the man with a heed like a bulb, is highly frustrating, yes. But, he sat 5th in our 2011/12 assists chart. Cabaye racked up a whopping 9, Ben Arfa a healthy 6, Ryan Taylor 5 (another player we don’t trust, apparently), Shola 5, and then yep, “Shit” Gabby Obertan with 4. He notched up the same amount as Jonas and Demba Ba. Obertan was a player held in high regard by the majority of punters in our feeder Territoire, so much so that Sir Alex took him to the red half of Manchester.

    Ryan Taylor is the archetypical “average” squad player we used to sell on for a pittance (see Aaron Hughes and Steve Watson for but 2 examples). They were players with limited ability, but highly talented nonetheless. Taylor can hit a set piece and either score or create, whilst he filled in at left-back for those first 10 games unbeaten last year. Obertan also played a starting role in that team. James Perch used to make me physically wince when he galloped onto the pitch, but he improved immeasurably (bar a Drogba mauling at SJP) and actually looks a good squad player.

    My point is this, don’t do these players down. They have ability, they have all made important contributions and they will continue to do so. We don’t have to bemoan these players JUST because we need to add to the squad, which is something I do agree with you on.

  • She’s

    Raylor put in better crosses when he came on, Simpson had a poor game, it’s raylor all the way for me, he has scored 10 goals so far & has only played less than 100 games, not bad. Obertan is medioca, against poor opposition he is ok. Perch has been great don’t forget he did a great job standing in last season. Gosling I agree, marveaux might be good one day.

    I would rather be in the position we are than we were.

    • glasshalfempty

      why are we obsessed wth our right back not scoring or creating goals? give the lad a break FFS. You’ll miss him when he’s gone if we don’t find someone better.

      • Agreed. Simpson cleared off the line 6 times last year? That’s what your full-backs do, the shit work. How many points were those clearances worth?

  • what an abysmal article; did last season even happen?

  • brin

    “average” sold on for a pittance….Guthrie ?….Leon Best £3million but we havent bought a replacement…and i reckon Obertan is awful with no confidence either….needed 2 or 3 players bought reasonably..or we will miss the opportunity to kick on, If we made Champions League we will need more British players…but do we buy them…nope more French…oh well

    • We’re going to miss both Guthrie AND Best. Both players people were willing to let go, but both players that played (for me anyway) VITAL roles last year, and in Best’s case, the year before. Who was it that stepped into AC’s shoes? Aye. I thought Besty would’ve done well in Europe.

      We do need 2 or 3 players, but I’m a bit more optimistic. British players are too expensive (more reason to hold onto the aforementioned) so we need to buy from the continent. Nobody seems to be willing to part with dosh at the moment, but I’d expect to see at least another body in before Sept 1st.